Lock-up technique is a kind of occult technique in ancient times, when the gods and demons fought, some ancient monks kept secrets. At that time, those ancient monks did not use martial arts, but had endless secrets.

However, it turned out that monks in ancient times were powerful, but they stopped because of this. Later, people created the great empires of the human world, thus breeding the monk world.
The friar world is a place where various kinds of fighting skills are displayed through the power of elements. The advanced fighting skills in these fighting skills certificates are indeed more powerful than those of the ancient friars who knew how to hide their strength and bide their time.
However, some of the ancient monks took extreme routes, and the secret method they created was so powerful that they could burn mountains, cook the sea, pick stars, break mountains and break rocks every month.
Song Qi got the lock yuan technique because he came to the ghost battlefield for more than ten days and entered a relic to get such a secret technique, which made him have great confidence after he cultivated it.
Even at this time, one is to shock others, and the other is to test a power, but he is completely indifferent to those monks who are eyeing the occult arts in his hands.
Du Yun also knows a lot of these news from Sha Bangwen’s mouth, but he didn’t think that Song Qi had an adventure in these ten days.
But this kind of thing, no one may look at the scenery on the surface of Song Qi now. Even getting this secret skill has made a lot of sacrifices?
This is also the case. When Song Qi entered the ruins, he took many monks from Tianfeng Empire to sacrifice monks. Otherwise, with several people from Du Yun, even if Du Yun’s strength is like a uber, he would take those people with him. Du Yun people are absolutely incapable of resisting.
But where can the world regret medicine? Moreover, Song Qi does not regret that Du Yun has brought him great pressure. More importantly, Du Yun is only in the late period of exchange.
This kind of person has to sigh that he is lucky now in Song Qi. If he is given another half year to Du Yun, maybe Song Qi will not be the opponent of the other side. It is because the world is not absolutely fair. Now Du Yun can count himself as unfortunate.
With this in mind, Song Qi’s face is a bit ferocious, which can kill a magnificent event with great potential and stand out. Is that exciting?
Looking at Song Qi’s ever-changing face, Du Yun’s cold smiling face in his heart has also passed over with a dignified look. This lock-yuan technique is not only an ancient hermetic technique, but also has a unique power.
See Song Qifang that dark huge prison has been formed. Du Yun’s eyes are slightly narrowed and his mind is moving. The mysterious veins are running.
In the mysterious heavenly vein, one gold and one silver are intertwined, and a trace of pure spiritual force slowly overflows, and then the origin of the two cyclones of gold and silver gradually becomes majestic.
"Swallow the Monty Classic!"
Du Yun heart drink a immediately beside him this area of heaven and earth reiki suddenly * * up followed by lines bigger than long queues.
The massive aura of heaven and earth, Du Yun’s operation, and the swallowing of the Monty Sutra became a dragon in an instant. This aura is 100 times richer than the outside world, and it is particularly amazing to display the swallowing of the Monty Sutra on the battlefield.
Du Yun’s eyes flashed a cold mountain, and soon the reiki dragon around heaven and earth was bound to flock to Du Yunshen.
At the same time, Du Yun’s body Leili also came vertically and horizontally, and the aura of heaven and earth swarmed in and was absorbed by him, which nourished Leili’s growth and rumbled out of Du Yun’s body. Finally, because Leili was too big, it was spilled out of his body, and a layer of Lei Guang cocoon was condensed.
Such a spectacular scene of Wanlong’s homing is not at all in Song Qi’s display of the lock-yuan technique. Seeing that the aura around Du Yun’s heaven and earth has melted into a whirlpool at the moment.
What is even more shocking is that the earth around Du Yun is actually emitting a strong khaki light at the moment, and then gradually it seems to have been absorbed by Du Yun.
Swallowing Monty Sutra was practiced by Du Yun to the point where it has swallowed up the vitality of the surrounding creatures. Even some monks seem to feel that their physical strength is much less in an instant.
This scene made many monks secretly horrified, and they couldn’t let go back a little distance. Du Yun’s display of * * was so weird that they felt incredible!
"Go!" The gorgeous scene of the two people forming this situation is also an instant. At this time, the Song Qi Lock Yuan technique has formed a prison that is bigger than lacquer black and the size of a building. After forming, it is violently rolled towards Du Yun.
The area where the prison passed suddenly seemed to be locked, and the air stopped flowing and was still, and the silence was like a dead zone.
Du Yun hands before the arrival of the prison is also picked up the obscure tactic changes inexplicably, and then when the prison comes, his hands turn over fiercely.
When Du Yun’s hand turned over, the prison had come to the front. Du Yun’s eyes were cold and he felt a force to stop himself from moving and bind himself.
Is his mind is very tough and heaven and earth source will bless him, and then he clenched his teeth and spit out a mouthful of JingXie, which is also smoothly completed.
Du Yun drink a momentum rolling and moving, as if set off a stormy lang, the sound is endless and tactfully, and this area is endless.
A mighty force, Du Yun, suddenly swept through when he moved, and such power was overwhelming.
See a powerful aura of heaven and earth visible to the naked eye. After Du Yunshen swept in, that huge black prison was instantly wrapped by that majestic aura.
Du Yun drink at the same time, his body quickly retreated. He drink at the same time, and one point in the majestic aura exploded.
Bang, bang, bang!
A strong explosion resounded, followed by a spiritual storm outside the prison. After the storm swept through, a huge crack suddenly appeared around.