Grandma wants to compare with hooligans. She really lacks a little temperature!

Princess yee paced back and forth in the temple, and the long and narrow charming eyebrows were twisting tightly at the moment, indicating that she was not calm.
Exquisite looked at her with worry and fear, but dared not speak.
Empress temper, she knows that if trade rashly says something wrong, she will be scolded and beaten!
But despite her efforts to shrink herself into a ball, she was eventually implicated in the "dead girl pestle" by Qi Fei’s anger. I didn’t see that Gong Zheng was upset! "
Linglong really doesn’t know what’s bothering Princess Qi, but if she doesn’t say anything, it will end up as her mistake, surprise and fear. "Empress, are you worried about the shallow princess?"
Yee princess stared her one eye and said nothing.
Linglong felt that she should be right, otherwise she would have to be kicked according to the empress’ temper.
Then he pondered, "Empress needs to worry too much. Now the emperor is fresh to her. After this battle, she will definitely come back to her. You see, how can she compare with you?"
"Dead girl, you are just like you when you are a palace IQ?" Princess Yee sneered, "Biegong doesn’t know what’s on your mind, so the palace won’t blame you for flattering the palace?"
Linglong is wronged. How can she be blamed for not doing anything?
This point is to add guilt and resign!
"Empress handmaiden said every word from the heart is definitely not flattering! Ask the goddess for advice! "
"get out! Go away and don’t let the palace see you! " Yee princess pointed to the door nu way
"Is a handmaiden excused himself" Linglong ran out desperately.
Princess yee was panting, obviously a picture of Yu Nu, clutching her palm tightly and her knuckles turned white.
After half a ring, she angrily smashed something.
Impressively, it is a romantic cell in chapter 158 of folded paper.
Princess yee stared straight at the paper ball, and the burning sight seemed to burn it to ashes with her eyes, so I don’t know how long it took her to walk step by step and bite her teeth hard, and I don’t know who she was serious with.
Finally, I squatted down with my neck in my head and picked up the paper ball.
Let go and spread out in your heart.
Looking at the face, the handwriting is still clear. Princess Yee took a deep breath and spit it out slowly.
After making sure to keep every word in mind, she walked slowly to the case and set the paper on fire by candlelight.
The whole process of princess yee’s body was stiff, like a walking corpse. Even the fire burned to the edge of the paper and she was about to touch her hand. She was stupefied and forgot to throw away the paper ball.
It was not until she felt the pain in her fingers that she suddenly threw the fire ball tightly over her already red fingers.
Yee princess returned to the low couch and finally lost her anger. She gradually changed into a lonely vicissitudes of life, just like that.
Linglong is right. The emperor’s pet is still in full swing today, and maybe it will become a ruined yellow flower in the future.
Take her for example, hasn’t she ever been able to show off for ever?
The facts are right in front of us.
Feng Shao, Feng Shao doesn’t know how long your honor will last.
Feng Shao was in bed for a day, but she disappeared completely. She was not a carefree person, and she just wanted to exercise her bones and muscles soon after she recovered.
While jun mo ying didn’t go to the yard to pound her flowers again.
"The empress is just in good shape. How can she come out again?"
Dongyang tried to stop her, but Feng Shao couldn’t be stopped by anyone else. He happily carried a small hoe and dug up the mud. It was called loosening the soil and Dongyang could talk about it and hope to persuade her to go back.
"You don’t understand this is called exercise." Feng Shao waved his hand. "I can’t sleep all day because of the cold weather, can I? That will make the body more and more unhealthy and more prone to illness. "
"But it’s so cold outside, even if you don’t have a good rest, you should stay indoors. It’s not too late to wait for the empress to warm up in a few days and then come out to exercise!"
Feng Shao turned around and gave her a big smile. "I like the white scenery like this!"
Say that finish and loosen the soil
Dongyang was defeated by her, and I don’t know what to say.
"Is the scenery good when it is white?" Behind him came a Nai voice, "Why don’t I let them sprinkle petals all over Fengyang Palace when we wait for the gardenia?"
Phoenix shallow sloped a smile.
Turn around and lean on a hoe with one hand on her hips. "I can’t see that you still have two romantic cells!" "
When dongyang is startled, why does the Lord always talk to the emperor so much? Don’t salute, don’t inquire, that’s all, and …