However, a sudden figure of Tathagata, a half-moon knife mans, will attack and dissolve him. The sword in Evan’s hand is cut off by this half-moon knife mans, and half of the blade is thrown away.

At the same time, Ivan’s figure was also thrown backwards by this knife, and the blade was just inserted into his foot. The ground almost nailed his instep directly, which made him feel a palpitation and his vest overflowed with cold sweat.
"Aren’t you ashamed enough?" From the beginning to the end, even when Feng Yang was preparing to kill hundreds of thousands of citizens, the arbitration church remained calm without any strange look. However, at this moment, falling into Yifan’s quick success and losing his mind has made her eyes flash with a rare anger
"Take him back," the leader shouted coldly. Although there is some indifference in the sound, it still sounds good. It makes people feel like bathing in hot springs. That kind of sound body has a fascinating charm, and its lethality to men is comparable to that of sonic Wushu. It is enough for many animals to get wet.
Five coaches with gold and honour level remained in good physical condition, and the two men glanced at each other, and Nai Na Luo Yi Fan was almost as crazy as falling into Yi Fan. They felt that this falling Yi Fan was really a bit ungrateful.
Although it is a bit cruel and bloody to say that Fengyang killed hundreds of people, the fact is that it was all forced by Yifan. If he hadn’t designed and killed his brothers, how could people fall into the madness and spare his life after Fengyang, but he still didn’t know how to deal with Juxian.
His suspicion is to achieve his own goal, regardless of the millions of lives of Zheng Ancheng. If you want to say cruelty, maybe this fall is still there.
"A group of scum want you to return Zheng Ancheng, and I will have a way to kill you." When the angry department of Yifan was transferred to Juxian, a group of people were taken away and looked at Huatian and others with gloomy smiles.
Hua Tian and others didn’t have the slightest fear. They looked up and looked straight at Ivan. "You can just bring it on. What are we afraid of now?"
"Don’t beg me on your knees then." Ivan sneered.
The gentle and tender eyes of the leader of the arbitration church suddenly became sharp, and his eyes fell to the ground. "I don’t care what personal vendetta you have with them. If they really killed someone, it was a headhunter."
"Hum" fell to Evan with a cold hum and didn’t speak again. It was because my heart was so angry that I would definitely do irrational things.
Hua Tian and others returned to Juxian, which made everyone feel calm, especially Wu Hua. Although the leader of the arbitration church has indicated that Wu Hua may still be alive, he may die, which has plunged Juxian and a group of people into grief.
At the same time, they also realize that their strength is really weak, and they are simply vulnerable to mainland forces. If there is no wind, they will try their best to protect everyone again and again, and they know that no one can escape today.
Hua Tian, Luo Lin and others are all thinking about a problem. If they really want to gain a foothold in the mainland, they really want to get ahead. If they don’t drag their feet and retreat, they must work hard to improve their strength, otherwise they will always be able to fly their wings and shelter their growth. This is not the result they want.
Now, they are worried about the situation that the wind is blowing, the wind is blowing, and the strength is rising forcibly. After fighting for so long, he has put it to good use, and he knows that it eats the soul greatly. Now he doesn’t know what happened to him.
Three days later, the wind was intact and damaged, and I returned to Juxian. At this time, Juxian’s backbone was fine, and it was like the spiritual pillar in the hearts of Hua Tian and Luo Lin, and it was the only thing that could bring a little comfort to their grief.
In any case, they know that there is still hope for everything, and there is still hope for Wu Hua to be alive, but once there is nothing they can do, they can only despair
Wu Hua is still quietly lying in bed at this time. These three days are the three days in his history, but this kind of silence has made everyone uneasy. Quiet is scary. Although his face has recovered color, he is just like a sleeping child, but his body is unconscious.
In the past three days, Michelle has been sitting on the bed with Wu Hua, quietly guarding Wu Hua. When Wu Hua accompanied her all day, she felt bored. She felt that Wu Hua was chattering, noisy and frivolous, not like a man, but now that he was quiet, Michelle felt so confused.
How much she wants to hear Wu Huayin and his frivolous language take advantage of herself now, but this warm picture can be remembered in her mind
Perhaps it is also verified that everyone knows how to do it, and people will learn to cherish it after losing it.
"You must wake up Feiyun Gate. Didn’t you say that when you reach the level of Wu Xian, you will take me to soar to the sky to see the seascape? You are a man. You can’t lie to me. You must wake up. I have so many brothers and sisters waiting for you. Do you hear me? " You Xueer clasped Wu Hua’s hand and was emotional. She really didn’t know what she could do with Wu Hua. She could sit on the bed and cry, hoping that her call would be heard by Wu Hua.
Feng Yang walked into the room sadly. He didn’t disturb Euchel. Maybe everything is moving now to disturb the girl.
"Brother, if you can hear me, hold on, even if you travel all over the continent, I will cure you." Go to the bed and look at the bed motionless and serene like a child. Wu Huafeng has a gentle tone and a cool smile on his mouth. "With so many brothers and sisters accompanying you, I believe you won’t be willing to leave them like this. We still have a bright future and a large area of mountains and rivers waiting for us to recover. Don’t worry, Brother Yang can do it when I come back."
At Wu Hua, he seemed to want to carve this man’s face in his mind and then turned away.
He went to the hall and said to others, "I’m going to borrow the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit, and I’ll come back as soon as I can."
"I’ll go with you."
"I want to go, too."
At that time, Tang Ning Caier, Xi Yu and others all hoped to go with Feng Yang.
Alex hesitated for a moment and said, "You don’t want to go to my place. I’ll go with Brother Yang. I can always take care of him."
"Don’t go to any of you," said Feng Yang, without any doubt. "You will stay at home and guard Juxian and Huazai. When I come back, many people will go, but it will trouble everyone. Even if you are in trouble, you will not come to Zheng Ancheng for the time being. His forces believe that no one will dare to touch Juxian until the news of my death is confirmed. Let’s just wait for me at home for the time being."
See the wind Yang so firmly huatian and others also what to say, then silently watched the wind Yang away.
Arbitration church
At this time, the tenth floor of the arbitration church, which is the base of the sanctions group, can go deep into the tenth floor. Everyone is a sanctions group or a higher-level coach and leader than the sanctions group
Luo Yifan’s injury has almost recovered. He is surrounded by several people in the same sanctions group, but these sanctions are all other sanctions. He is advantageous to order all other sanctions.
At this time, his four sanctions are scrambling to persuade Luo Yifan to calm him down. "Brother Fan should think twice about this. The leader has ordered not to provoke that crazy for the time being. If he starts to be crazy again, we will be in trouble."
Falling into Yifan’s rage, he shouted, "Cutting the dragon sword is something that my family has come to me. I must take back the king’s egg and embarrass me in front of hundreds of thousands of people. If I just let it go, I will never be reconciled."
"But we are not that crazy opponent," said Wang Bin, a third-class sanction.