"How?" Men pick eyebrows.

"I won’t tell you!" Feng shallow hum a heart but very nervous if you tell him that she is afraid of being cut now! With a wave, "just remember what you said anyway!"
When "Hao" was threatened for the first time, Jun Moying was not angry at all, and there was a pleasant radian around his mouth. He said, "Be sure to remember"
Fengming Palace at noon the next day.
The queen mother had planned to take a nap, but she didn’t want to say that Xi came to tell her that "the queen mother Yun Guifei asked for an audience outside"
"What is she doing here?" The queen mother was surprised and sat up from the bed frowning brows asked.
"I know that the queen mother is in poor health and came to see you specially."
The queen mother didn’t know that she had heard this excuse hundreds of times, so she waved her hand and said, "Let her in."
"it’s the queen mother"
Yun Guifei also specially brought something. She went to a hospital to find a static gas medicine, "Male and female servants see the Empress Dowager Auspicious."
"You’re welcome. I’m very happy that you can come to see Ai Jia. What can I bring?"
"Male and female servants are just offering flowers to the Buddha. The queen mother is in poor health and should be well raised." YunGuiFei replied with a drooping eyebrow eye.
The queen mother stopped talking and waited for her to take the initiative. Anyway, she didn’t bring people here. Even if there is anything, Yun Guifei should take the initiative to talk to her. She won’t go!
Yun Guifei really cut to the chase and said, "At that time, the Queen Mother maintained the imperial concubine during the Chinese New Year, but as far as male and female servants know, the Queen Mother doesn’t seem to be sincere."
The queen mother face a slight change "YunGuiFei say what? Is it meaningful to explore these problems now that the mourning family is old and stays at Fengming Palace all day?
"The Empress Dowager’s body is in the Fengming Palace, but it’s even worse outside. There are so many people working for the Empress Dowager-for example, after the abolition, where do you need to go out by yourself?"
"Yun Qiansu, you sent someone to watch Ai Jia?" The queen mother’s face was blue and white, and she scolded her, "It’s pity that she missed her home and went to see the waste. She let Linger into the palace because she knew that she wanted to see her relatives for a long time. Do these still need to be reported to you?"
"The queen mother doesn’t have to be so angry and really doesn’t want to report to the male and female servants, but …" Yun Qiansu looked at the panting old woman across the street with dignity and Leng Yan. After all these years, the woman who climbed to the highest position step by step was still old, and the means and courage were no longer the same. "The queen mother was in such a hurry to explain to the male and female servants that it was a ghost in her heart?"
As soon as the words sound just fell, she saw that the Queen Mother’s face was cold again. She was slow and tunnel: "The Queen Mother can rest assured that male and female servants will not talk about these things. It is also the same purpose for the Queen Mother to come here today. The so-called enemy is a friend. The emperor in this deep palace protects the imperial concubine too well. If you don’t join hands, it will be difficult to deal with the imperial concubine."
"So you’re here to be with Ai Jia?" The queen mother looked at her coldly. "Your eldest brother has saved Phoenix for three transgressions and four times, and even disobeyed the order of mourning for your family. Do you want to mourn for your family as much as you believe?"
YunGuiFei face a slight stiff eldest brother … Ah!
"The Queen Mother’s eldest brother is the eldest brother, the male and female servants are not brothers and sisters, so it must be a line."
She barely maintained a calm face and looked cold. "It is natural for the eldest brother to be loyal and patriotic and listen to the emperor’s orders, but the male and female servants are different. It is a woman in this harem who wants to be loved by the emperor, but the emperor is full of eyes and doesn’t even look at the male and female servants. Naturally, it is necessary to kill the rival in love first before grabbing. Only in this way can we get twice the result with half the effort."
It seems reasonable for the queen mother to hear what she said. "So how are you going to get along with Ai Jia?"
"Male and female servants know that there is a woman outside the palace."
"What did you say!" The queen mother looked at her in shock and immediately realized that she had overreacted. She closed her eyes and asked, "What do you mean there is a woman?"
"Empress Yu Fanghua can remember this person?" Although she doesn’t know if the queen mother has participated in this matter, pity sunseeker should still have something to do with the queen mother in those activities, right
Obviously, she doesn’t know the grievances of the queen mother’s generation, otherwise she wouldn’t have said this person.
The queen mother did send someone to check Yu Fanghua later. Although she had never seen it with her own eyes, the portrait looked like that of wheatgrass for four or five points! She is full of fire at the thought of this man!
"You said it was her who raised the woman outside the palace?"
"Yes, that’s her." YunGuiFei nodded. "Now all that’s left is that she’s afraid of the emperor and she can barely compete with him."
The queen mother suddenly narrowed her eyes and looked at her mouth to stir up a bit of cool thin and sneered. "Didn’t you say that you want to die for the emperor’s favor?" How to get another woman in the emperor’s heart into the palace now? Aren’t you afraid that this woman will take the lead after Feng Shao’s death? Or do you have another purpose? What’s wrong with you?
This old woman is not too stupid!
Yun Guifei smiled and her eyes were faint. "Because it is urgent to get rid of the phoenix shallow condition, it is better for the fisherman to gain. It is enough for male and female servants to find a way to get rid of that Yufanghua after the death of Phoenix shallow. I believe that the weight of Yufanghua in the emperor’s heart is not phoenix shallow. If even Phoenix shallow can die, it is worse for her."
"So you came to Ai Jiamu?"