The waves were startled and said, "Manager Lan, what are you doing with so much cash?"

Lan Tianxing smiled and said, "Find a sack."
The waves saw that the desk money was a million dollars, and the ordinary small bag really didn’t look like a sack.
"Mom, the sack is full of money!" Wave heart criticise a turned and walked out of the blue star office gym corner found a sack back.
Lan Tianxing and the waves began to load money into the sacks. While loading money, the waves asked, "Who is this full million?"
Lan Tianxing said, "Who else can I give it to? It’ s just the director of Lao Wang Egg King! "
The waves said, "He is the deputy director of the provincial police station and not the director of the provincial sea bureau. Why should we give him such a big gift?"
Lan Tianxing scolded, "It’s all my worthless nephew Yutang who is in trouble! Yutang has been infatuated with a little singer for more than a year, because the singer has been developing in Beijing, and she rarely comes to Yutang in the south and has no chance to get close to her. I haven’t heard that the singer came to our provincial capital for a concert, and Yutang went straight to the provincial capital with money. He will invite the little singer to dinner. The organizer in the provincial capital knows that Yutang is my blue sky star nephew, but he dare not say anything. One manager of the little singer disagrees with the little singer and Yutang going out for dinner, saying that he is afraid of ruining the pure image of the little singer fans! Who is pure among singers and movie stars? Still waiting for us to destroy it? I don’t know how many times I’ve been fucked by those producers and directors! Of course, Yutang was furious when he heard it. Don’t look at my nephew, who was weak and gentle. He beat the manager half-dead on the spot and is now lying in the hospital. At that time, the organizer called the police and Yutang was detained for serious injury. There are also several people in Beijing who have to severely punish Yutang from the face. It’s not that I can’t help this. After Wang invited him to play in the Red Chamber, of course, it is a bit tricky to give him a gift. He is the deputy director of the provincial capital.
The waves just remembered that it was said in the morning news today that the famous young jade singer came to the provincial capital for a concert last night and was blackmailed by a triad society and injured the staff. Hey, I didn’t expect that it was the blue sky star’s nephew Lan Yutang who did good deeds. At that time, the waves didn’t put this matter at ease, but the waves remembered it because the young jade singer was so famous.
That young jade singer is one of the best pure jade singers in China. Fang Dang is an idol in the eyes of teenagers. No wonder Lan Yutang is obsessed with her, just like Dong Yunfang, the idol singer of that era who was obsessed with Blue Sky Star.
The waves still remember that this young jade girl singer named Yao Yujing is famous for her pure appearance and sweet voice. It is a pure route that has dumped the hearts of several boys. The waves and records tickle when they see her!
The waves said, "Where is Brother Yutang now?"
Lan Tianxing said, "I also gave him a little gift before I met this director Wang in the provincial capital, and there is nothing difficult about Yutang in a few minutes. I also sent someone to secretly contact the record company. The other party disagreed with the private settlement, so that I could recognize Director Wang. Let Director Wang try to reduce the charges of my nephew while further settling with the record company. Now the key is Director Wang. Even if the record company does not agree to the settlement, it is no big deal for Yutang to find a scapegoat and let him take the fall for Yutang."
The waves said, "Do you want me to go to the provincial capital to visit a jade hall elder brother?"
Lan Tianxing laughed. "For the time being, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to make trouble because of my bullying and bullying. Otherwise, I can’t make him suffer. Alas, even if he suffers, he can’t make it. Our blue family is the only child. Eldest brother and I are too fond of him and spoil him."
At this time, the waves have packed a million sacks and tied their mouths and said, "When will you give the money to Director Wang?"
Lan Tianxing said, "Tonight, Wang has been staying for a long time. Send a car to send him back to the provincial capital early in the morning, put sacks in the back of the carriage and send gifts to his home. You should arrange the driver and the car first, and let the driver wait early in the morning to arrange another person to wait for Wang. Take Wang to take the secret passage and enter the back door quietly. At the same time, send two bodyguards to escort Wang back to the provincial capital. One million roads can’t go wrong and send two loyal brothers."
The waves said, "OK, I’ll go and tell the money in this sack. Should I send someone to move it tomorrow or put it somewhere else today?"
Lan Tianxing said, "I won’t get up too early tomorrow. You’d better move the money outside now and send two people to watch it."
The waves walked out of the office and recruited two bodyguards to carry the sack to a room in the gym. They will watch the sack tonight.
When the waves are arranged, say, "Manager Lan, I’ll arrange people and cars again. If there is nothing else, I won’t bother you."
Lan Tianxing said, "Go and get busy."
The waves came out of the office and went to the gym. There were two rooms in the bodybuilding room, one was the bodyguard changing lounge, and the other was the old room, which was built after the death of Harder. The two bodyguards just put the sacks with money in this room.
The waves looked at the money first and then went to the lounge where the bodyguards were relieved. There were four bodyguards playing poker, and there was a foreign blockbuster in the VCD.
Seeing the waves coming in, the four bodyguards quickly let go of the cards and said, "Brother Hai!" "
The waves laughed. "Brothers, who is on duty today?"
A bodyguard said, "Brother Hai, Wang and I are on duty tonight. They are already on duty. We are here to play."
The waves said, "What’s your name?"
The bodyguard was flattered and said, "My name is Changyou."
The waves laughed. "Changyou, are you going to change shifts early in the day? Yeah, that’s good. At 7 o’clock in the morning, you should arrive at the door outside Room 67 on the sixth floor on time and wait to take the tenant from the stairs of the fire building and take him out through the back yard door. Then there will be a car waiting for you two, that who and that who will move the sack to the building before 7 o’clock in the morning. You can be drivers and bodyguards to escort the sack and guests to the provincial capital. There can be no mistakes in the way. "
A bodyguard laughed. "What’s in the sack?"
The wave’s face sank and he smiled coldly and said, "Don’t ask more questions and don’t secretly call to see you. It’s just a delivery. If you dare to take something with you, of course you know what will happen!"
The bodyguard smiled apologetically. "I just asked Haige not to get angry."
The waves slowed down and said, "I’m not angry that you’ve come. It’s not a day or two. You should know what to ask and what not to say hello. Today, you two went to the provincial capital to see the guests off. Will I send Xiaotian to Xiaotian with you to come back?"
"Hai Ge, I am back!" Just said that Xiaotian and Xiaotian came back. Xiaotian came in from behind, pushed the door and smiled. "I came upstairs to see you as soon as I got back. The corridor brothers said that you were here and I came over."