His entrance to the two mountains was attacked by an amazing number of Warcraft, and there was a wall to intercept the vast plain. The number of Warcraft was also strongly attacked, but the well-trained soldier Qi Xin joined forces to defend it easily and steadily

Feng Yang is responsible for this piece. Compared with other places, it is a small entrance. All the thousands of people defend themselves. After all, there are so many adults in this gap position, which affects their actions instead.
With 300 soldiers working together to display defensive gas masks, more than 1,000 martial arts brothers attacked easily and comfortably, constantly changing Wushu attacks, and constantly being killed by Warcraft, which made more and more excited for more than 1,000 brothers.
But the good times didn’t last long. After all, the life force of 300 soldiers was limited. When the two pillars of incense were resisted, the defensive gas cover was breached and hundreds of Warcraft heads were attacked here, and most of them were killed or injured. There were still 100 or 200 Warcraft heads approaching the foot of the mountain.
Without the defensive gas mask to defend against the attack of Warcraft, the obstacles smashed into the crowd, and suddenly there were waves of screams. The crowd moved again and the original good formation was now in danger of collapse.
"Step up the attack and don’t panic. The injured person will go to the back for treatment." Feng Yang said that he shot a sunset arrow and wounded a piece of Warcraft.
However, Feng Yang’s command has had little effect. Some people seem to be deliberately making trouble. When they see the attack of Warcraft, they run around for fear that they will be injured. Some people even use other people’s bodies as shields to let Feng Yang see their anger.
"Mom and this group of residues are simply falling in price." Baihua Valley Liu Dongdong keeps sending out long-range attacks, and the lethality of four martial arts statues and high-order Wushu is amazing. There are constantly Warcraft dying from his Wushu, but seeing others’ cowardice makes Liu Dongdong somewhat contemptuous
Seeing that there are less than 100 Warcraft brothers left at the foot of the mountain, many of them are eager to get rich, and the ones who are eager are Desperate Valley Deyou and Liang.
"You don’t have much left in Warcraft. Let’s rush to kill it. Yuan Dan is just around the corner." Deyou said a word and suddenly started a thousand waves like a flame, which caused many younger brothers to finally resist greed.
Seeing a large number of Warcraft corpses everywhere means that no one can resist this temptation before huge wealth and interests.
"Wait, everyone, don’t be impulsive." Feng Yang quickly stopped it.
"What are you worried about, Feng Yang? Do you want to take these beasts for yourself?" Seeing the wind blowing in front of the road, Desperate Valley Deyou said with a full face of anger, "There are brothers in the place who have contributed. What are you waiting for now? What are you waiting for? I have to suspect that you have bad intentions."
"There’s a wave of Warcraft coming here now, and you must never go." Feng Yang’s dignified tone is firm with no doubt.
"Don’t talk nonsense here to confuse people, but you still don’t want us to get the beast Yuan Dan." Deyou laughed coldly and immediately shouted, "Brothers, there is not much left in Warcraft now. Let’s kill it."
The wind is rising, but it is too late after all.
I was extremely disdainful to him. At this time, many younger brothers will put their eyes on the wind and see the victory, that is, a large number of beast Yuan Dan is about to come to hand. Many people have been carried away by beast Yuan Dan. With such a stimulus, Deyou has simply become crazy. More than 700 people rushed to Deyou, and most of them are excited.
"Kill" area with vigorous momentum shouting led to hundreds of people scrambling to rush to the mountain for fear that they would miss a lot of beast Yuan Dan if they were slow.
"It’s really a group of guys who want money and don’t want to die." Ling Wei walked beside Feng Yang and said Nai Pie.
"Bastard, this will kill everyone." Feng Yang was furious and shouted that they rushed to die, which was equivalent to putting others in a very dangerous situation.
If more than a thousand people continue to guard this small gap, it can support for a while, but this 700-odd people rushed to lead to the weak defense of this gap. If the second wave of Warcraft attacks, it will definitely break like a paper.
"Mom, are these people crazy?" Le Lieutenant saw that hundreds of people flew into the mountains and were also stimulated to swear.
Fengyang can accurately predict that Warcraft will arrive in half an hour, and the fact that Fengyang said that the accuracy is worse than the time, which is enough to say that Fengyang has extraordinary ability, but this group of people are obsessed with money and have not found these situations and turned a deaf ear to Fengyang’s words.
At this time, in addition to the rear therapist team and 300 soldiers did not rush, others have already rushed to the mountains to fight dozens of Warcraft.
Although there are less than 100 heads of Warcraft left, there are 700 people rushing to the sect brothers here, which occupies the absolute wind. However, there are also many sects brothers who are seriously injured and killed by the five-level Warcraft in the process of fighting.
Less than 100 heads of Warcraft perished, and the death toll of each faction was as high as more than 300, and the number of seriously injured people was more than 100.
"Brothers, the beast Yuan Dan grabbed it all over the ground." Deyou drank a lot of excitement and swept away the beast Yuan Dan, which was unusually fierce and fierce.
After Warcraft was swept away, it was a burst of madness to rob the beast Yuan Dan. The injured people hated themselves for failing to live up to expectations, and the living collected the beast Yuan Dan.
"Don’t rob Niang Xipi, you won’t care. A bird really has Warcraft. Let’s come again." Stay in the mountains. Back-up therapists will see people smiling and collect the beast Yuan Dan, and they will no longer be calm. They rushed to the mountains and joined the ranks of sweeping the beast Yuan Dan.
"Shit" See that all the soldiers except the 300 soldiers who want good friends around them and the mountains have rushed to the wind. Yang’s face suddenly changed and he quickly said to Le Lieutenant, "Le Lieutenant, please ask your soldiers to stop them."
"All soldiers will be forced to face people at their orders." Le Lieutenant immediately made 300 soldiers rush to the mountains.
At this time, the sweeping of the foot of the mountain has ended, and Deyou and Liang of the unfeeling Valley have targeted a place dozens of feet away from the mountain. There are a lot of Warcraft bodies along the road, some of which have been trampled into Ru mud, and Yuan Dan, a luminous beast, is lying on the ground with a lot of valuable Xuan Ming Dan Jing.
This picture stimulates a group of people who are almost crazy, such as Deyou, Liang and others. The first 400 people who have no serious problems are extremely crazy about the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves. The body materials of the beast Yuan Dan of Warcraft have caused a lot of friction among the major sects because of the competition for the beast Yuan Dan and Xuan Ming Dan Jing.
I have never seen them so fierce when playing Warcraft, but now it seems that the degree is the same as that of everyone with high-level posture and martial arts.
Later, 200 therapists and more than 100 seriously injured people were rushed away, and even the soup was not caught, which also targeted the distant battle.