Most of the waves are now white. Li Jianfeng is the painting by Yu-ling Lin’s husband, and Li Jianfeng will be in the hands. Of course, he will not tell Liu Fengshou the truth when he understands this, because he also wants to learn about Lin Guosheng and Zhuang Ruwan from his mother Lin yu zhen behind Li Jian. He thinks that Lin Guosheng and Zhuang Ruwan must not be that simple, and there must be other feelings for him to find out the evidence, just like he imagined. Then he hit the gap of Blue Moon and pointed to the heart of Blue Star!

The waves frowned and said, "To be honest, this painting by Mr. Liu is not my friend. I went to the car to give it away to the antique market yesterday. I saw it by accident. At that time, I had heard Sister Li say that you were looking for this painting, so I paid attention to it. I was the owner of a fake painting shop, but I swore that it was true. According to the owner of that painting shop in the provincial capital, this painting was bought by an old lady in her fifties. Because the old lady’s wife died, she was buried, so I bought it. I didn’t know about it at that time. I
Liu Fengshou was silent for a long time and finally sighed and murmured, "An old lady in her fifties? An old lady in her fifties! Alas, she is old, too. In my mind, she has always been a lively, lovely, naughty and beautiful girl of twenty years old. I didn’t expect that she was in her fifties … Alas, I didn’t expect that her bleak evening scene would depend on buying paintings to bury her husband … "
Liu Fengshou’s face has a strange expression, like sadness, like regret, like sadness. At this moment, the waves saw the human recovery of the second person in the vertical and horizontal directions!
Langxin secretly smiled but said seriously, "Mr. Liu, do you want me to ask the owner of a shop to go to the provincial capital to see if I can find this old lady?"
Liu Fengshou smiled bitterly with a hint of self-mockery and said, "Don’t keep the change, just forget it. Alas, she is old, and I am old. Everyone is a chicken skin and a crane hair. Let’s not meet and leave a good image for each other!"
The waves didn’t speak again, took the cup and slowly took a sip. The surface didn’t disturb Liu Fengshou’s thoughts, but her mind was spinning fast, trying to think about it, such as getting close to Li Jianfeng’s mother, Lin Yuzhen, and getting the truth of the forgotten past from Lin Yuzhen’s mouth.
Liu Fengshou slowly got up and gently picked up this picture scroll, holding it carefully and gently, and went to the back hall to cherish this picture, to cherish this feeling and to cherish this lost youth.
Looking at Liu Fengshou’s back, the waves suddenly feel sad, fierce, cunning and cruel. There is a soft place in the lover’s heart for him to water his hopes and sow seeds, waiting for human recovery!
Chapter three hundred and sixty Security Company
Liu Fengshou came back from kitchens and looked calm and smiled. "You see, I’m really crazy. It’s past dinner. I’ve already prepared meals. You guys will stay with me for dinner today."
The waves said, "If we don’t bother Mr. Liu, we would be honored to have dinner with him."
"Don’t bother, don’t bother." Liu Fengshou smiled and walked to the door to call Li Jie and two beautiful bodyguards in and ordered the servant to cook.
Lunch was spent in a cheerful atmosphere.
Liu Fengshou took out a white check from the desk drawer and said, "Xiaohai, you just said that you paid 1 million for this painting, so I will give you a check for 2 million as a thank you."
The waves laughed. "I gave the painting to Mr. Liu, and you still have to give me money. Isn’t that a slap in the face?"
Liu Fengshou said, "Well, I’ll give you 1 million. I can’t let you pay for it. You’ve helped me a lot and I can’t let you lose money again."
The waves said, "Mr. Liu, are you not one of my own?"
Liu Fengshou ha ha smiled. "Of course you are one of our own, but friendship belongs to friendship. I got the painting and I received the money …"
The waves said, "Mr. Liu doesn’t want money if I am one of our own. I gave this painting to Mr. Liu. If Mr. Liu insists on giving me money, then I don’t want the money either. I’ll just take the painting away."
Liu Fengshou laughed and said, "I won’t give you the money for the good painting when I owe you one."
The waves said, "It’s still polite for Mr. Liu to say that he doesn’t treat me as one of his own. If you are an elder, I’ll give you a small gift. I’m honored that you can accept it. How can you say that you owe me a favor?"
Liu Fengshou said, "Xiao Hai Lao Lan looks at you very much, and I also look forward to you. If you have anything to pass after you do a good job, tell me, alas, when Lao Lan and I are old, our Star Gang can rely on you young people."
If the waves want this sentence, they say with a smile, "Liu Lao and Lan are always in their prime. How can the spirit of dragon and horse be old!"
They chatted a few words about the waves before leaving. Liu Fengshou was sent to the door of the living room to ask the waves to come and sit often.
After leaving Liu Fu, the waves went straight back to the Red Chamber.
Sister Li went to do her own thing, and the waves sent two beautiful bodyguards back to their rooms to rest first and act later.
The waves came to the blue moon room, and the blue moon was in the office.
The waves pushed the door and went straight to the point: "Brother Bao has come. Now it can be confirmed that Shao Xuewu has someone hiding in the gym room."
Blue Moon said, "Twenty people are ready. You have tear gas and light submachine guns. When are you going to do it?"
The waves said, "Now the city is no better than the suburbs, and it doesn’t make much noise. I choose to do it in the middle of the night. At 3 am, people are most tired, and this time is the most suitable."
Blue Moon said, "Well, it’s up to you. If there are not enough people, I can adjust it later and I won’t go."
The waves laughed. "Of course, this kind of scene can’t let you be followed by a delicate lady. It’s a sin if a stray bullet accidentally flies over and scratches your delicate face!"
Blue Moon smiled and said, "It’s good to know that your deputy Song Ge followed my father to the provincial capital. This time, the leader is a small punishment. Now it’s the fifth floor to rest. You can go to him first if you have anything."
The waves got up and said, "Well, you can rest first, and I’ll find the punishment."