Boom-the super-large silver-striped magic gun hit the blood wall and burst into a crack like the sky. With a violent day shaking, all the blood array light was dispersed!

"Poof-"was strongly countered by the power of array law, and Monty’s blood gushed wildly. I don’t know how many miles and miles he flew!
Watching the sky recover all day long, blue Lin Yu breathed a long sigh of relief, and the trouble was finally solved
But Lin Yuxian didn’t have any rest meaning and immediately sent a message to Wang Haoxuan.
When Wang Haoxuan received the news from Lin Yu, he was always calm. He could not help but have a narrow squeak!
If Lin Yu has been trapped and failed to give an early warning, and those magic people suddenly attack five days later, I’m afraid it will be in trouble.
Moreover, since the magic man is going to attack in five days, he will certainly create big trouble for the Wangs at the same time, so that the Wangs can’t concentrate on Yun He City
The inferno is too cunning!
"Lin Yu wants me to send someone to pick you up?" Through the crystal ball, Lin Yu heard Wang Haoxuan’s tone and couldn’t help but show his eagerness and face.
Lin Yu felt a slight warmth in his heart. "Brother Xuan can’t. Since this array is broken, I believe we won’t be in any danger for the time being."
"By the way, what about Hailan City?" Wang Haoxuan asked smoothly.
Lin Yu glanced at Fang Hailan and shook his head naively. "There are no living people."
Wang Haoxuan said quietly towards Lin Yu with a little silence, "I believe you will come back in five days."
"Good" Lin Yu cut off the connection with Wang Haoxuan and immediately said to the crowd, "You have one thing I have been keeping from you. I don’t want you to go to Yun He City with me to hunt monsters, but I want you to help me defend Yun He City."
Everyone was silent, but no one showed signs of being cheated and angry because they knew that Lin Yu would give them a reasonable explanation.
"I’m afraid that telling you in advance will reveal the purpose of our trip so that the inferno can be prepared." Lin Yu said slowly, "I still have a month. When you arrive in Yun He City, I will explain to you at the first time that I am willing to help. Lin Yu will definitely thank you for not wanting to help. Naturally, I can leave quietly at any time."
"But I never thought that the inferno had already noticed my intention to set a trap here and almost brought trouble to everyone. I apologize for this."
Lin Yu Griffin bowed deeply to everyone. "Now you can choose to continue to go to Yun He City with me or leave by yourself. I don’t blame you for leaving Lin Yu. Of course, you have helped me. Lin Yu and the Lins will remember that in the future, if you need my help from Lin Yu, Lin Yu hereby vows that even if you go through fire and water, you will try your best to help you."
They were silent for a moment, and some faces showed hesitation, while Mo Qiaoyun showed the most obvious performance and immediately screamed "going to deal with the inferno?" I’m not going to kill you! Shuhao, let’s go! "
Shen Shuhao, who has always been gentle, suddenly became furious and roared toward MoQiaoYun. "You girl will roll yourself if you are afraid. Don’t pull me to test again. 155.
For the second time, Mo Qiaoyun was afraid, which made Shen Shuhao leave the battlefield and return to Cangyu College, which made Shen Shuhao always worry about this matter.
Although no one said he was a deserter, he always felt that others looked at him strangely.
Everyone was fighting outside, but he was hiding behind by himself, which greatly hurt Shen Shuhao’s self-esteem.
This time Mo Qiaoyun actually wanted to be a deserter, and Shen Shuhao finally broke out all the anger accumulated during this period.
Seeing her boyfriend suddenly become so terrible, Mo Qiaoyun felt very wronged and sobbed.
Encounter this kind of thing Lin Yu is very nai don’t know how to persuade.
Shen Shuhao is determined this time. No matter what Mo Qiaoyun says, he won’t escape again.
But Mo Qiaoyun insisted on leaving. It is not a way for two people to be deadlocked like this.
Besides, his sister also knows that Yun He City is in trouble. If he becomes a deserter again, he will never forgive himself in his life.
Purple rhyme thought of a compromise and said to Shen Shuhao, "Let Wang Haoxuan send someone to send Qiaoyun to Ann’s place, if it is allowed, so you can stay here."
MoQiaoYun is stubbornly shook his head and said "no, anyway, I just don’t go to Yun He city! There are so many people here that someone must be willing to accompany me back to college! "
The students who were hesitant by Mo Qiaoyun soon made up their minds.
They decided to take a trip to Yun He City with Lin Yu!
Shen Shuhao supported Yun He City, and even his girlfriend could ignore them. What’s the reason for running away?
The inferno has been raging everywhere, and no one can guarantee that their family will not be attacked by the inferno
If they escape now, who will help them?
The friendship between the same family is particularly precious because of mutual help.
"Lin Yu, we will go with you!"
"Yes, anyway, sooner or later, we have to have a fight with the inferno and kill a few early!"
In this way, no one is willing to leave, which makes Mo Qiaoyun very embarrassed. Even Lin Yu himself is not expected.
It is true that they can become students of Cangyu College. These people are definitely elites in their families, not short-sighted people.
"Well, since everyone is willing to help me so much, Lin Yu, your friendship with me and Lin Yu will be unforgettable!" Lin Yu is very careful to laugh. His efforts at Cangyu College were not in vain.
Mo Qiaoyun saw that no one wanted to go back to college with her, so he was so angry that he immediately turned around and left.
Purple rhyme then said in a distorted version, "The inferno is very fond of Terran women. If a beautiful girl like Qiao Yun is caught by the magic man …"
Purple rhyme deliberately stopped saying that Mo Qiaoyun was too scared to say anything about leaving.
Lin Yu pricked up his thumb towards purple rhyme, and purple rhyme also made a face quietly towards Lin Yu.
Let’s go!’ Lin Yugao shouted, "Hurry to Yun He City!"
Lin Yu’s team gradually disappeared, and the distant horizon of Hailan City was connected with Monty, who appeared pale and appeared in the place where he had chopped down the cloak adherents.
"Where did you get this gun? How can it be so terrible!" Tong Monty’s eyes are full of murderous look. Although he is afraid of people with blue masks, he thinks that if Lin Yu is allowed to grow up again, he will surely become a menace to the inferno!
To kill Lin Yu or not to kill him is a question.