"Uncle Qin, I know the cause and effect of this matter, because I am also a party …" Ke Mengxuan scrambled to describe the matter in detail.

Qin Zhonghao said with a clap table, "What a day! These people rely on themselves as the national government to act violently and enforce the law. This is an illegal act and they have the face to sue others! " After the fire was finished, Qin Zhonghao asked, "By the way, where is Xiao Xuan’s disabled person now?"
"I sent him to the hospital this morning, and now he should be in the hospital to recover …" Ke Mengxuan replied.
"Let’s go to the hospital to make a record. This time, I will severely punish those violent law enforcers and sound an alarm for our law enforcers!" As soon as Qin Zhonghao heard that there was a witness, it was easy. Suddenly, a two-beauty solution rang out in his heart.
He asked the driver to drive with Ke Mengxuan and Ke Yong to go to the hospital to find Zhang Dabiao to make a record. Zhang Dabiao was lying in the hospital. As soon as she saw sending herself to the hospital in the morning, the girl quickly sat up and asked anxiously, "Where’s the girl Wang Laodi? They didn’t bother Wang Laodi, did they?"
Ke Mengxuan comforted, "Uncle, don’t worry, he will be fine. He was taken away by the police to understand the situation. This is the port city public security bureau chief. He is here to help you. You can tell the story in detail so that those bastards can get the punishment they deserve …"
Qin Zhonghao looked at being beaten and hurt all over. Zhang Dabiao quickly stepped forward and held out his hand. Zhang Dabiao saw those ruddy hands and looked at his chapped black hands. He quickly wiped his pants and greeted them with a lone hand. Qin Zhonghao was excited to hold Qin Zhonghao’s hand. Seeing this, Qin Zhonghao felt guilty and said, "The fellow villagers have wronged you. Don’t worry. The harbor is a caring city and we will make you feel warm!"
Qin Zhonghao, a wounded peasant, will be very weak. I didn’t expect his hand to be so powerful as a strong guy, so I was surprised and asked, "Big brother practiced martial arts?"
"Ha ha, I’m still in the mood to practice martial arts, and my livelihood is busy. I worked as a soldier for a few years before, but my arm was blown away …" Zhang Dabiao also felt Qin Zhonghao’s grip and thought that he was worthy of being the public security bureau chief and then pointed to his cuff and said with a wry smile.
"Are you a soldier, too?" Qin Zhonghao immediately asked in awe when he heard that Zhang Dabiao was also a soldier and his arm was blown away.
"Ha ha, yes, it’s been more than 20 years. At that time, I was catching up with Vietnam’s self-defense and fighting back. I was very lucky. Many comrades have always left that deep forest and saved their lives …" Zhang Dabiao said with emotion.
After listening to Zhang Dabiao’s words, Qin Zhonghao and Ke Yong looked at each other, and then gave a military salute to the once heroic veteran. Zhang Dabiao also stood at attention and raised the solitary arm and gave a standard abnormal military salute. Only a soldier can feel its heaviness and a soldier can express it!
That one-armed military salute is like a monument that touched Qin Zhonghao and stimulated Qin Zhonghao to say, "Don’t worry, brother!" I, Qin Zhonghao, must ask you for justice! Otherwise, I am sorry for the badge! "
After speaking, Qin Zhonghao returned to the public security bureau and reported the situation to the deputy mayor. After listening to this, the deputy mayor was also very angry and instructed Qin Zhonghao to strictly investigate and correct this unhealthy trend in law enforcement.
After receiving instructions, Qin Zhonghao immediately ordered people to call the four chengguan. The four chengguan had to bow their heads and plead guilty. Their attitude of pleading guilty was better than criminal punishment, except for public office!
The matter was almost handled, but the dry brother was still in the interrogation room. At this moment, Qin Zhonghao personally went into the interrogation room and asked his daughter to let him go, but her daughter sang a counter-argument to herself, saying, "Director Qin, he is a dangerous man. He can’t let him go until he is clearly interrogated!"
Qin Zhonghao looked at his stubborn daughter and asked angrily, "am I the director or are you the director?" Hurry up and handcuff him! "
Qin Xiaowan snorted and turned away to ignore Qin Zhonghao. Qin Zhonghao gave a look to Xiao Sun. Xiao Sun went to handcuff the dry elder brother. Qin Zhonghao was too busy to reach out and apologize and said, "Mr. Wang misunderstood me. I’m really sorry for wronged you …"
Brother Gan went forward to meet the shackles and hit Qin Zhonghao with iron and cement. At first glance, the boy even hit the heaviest shackles. He just hit a few people and was not a murderer. But the young man’s feet were like wearing a single shoe. Brother Gan also politely said, "Hehe, it’s okay, it’s okay. This is not a hand to figure it out!"
Qin Zhonghao glared at Xiao Sun and then said at Qin Xiaowan, "Why did you even lose your shackles? This is not nonsense! Call Mr. Wang quickly! "
After shackling, Brother Gan and Qin Zhonghao walked out of the interrogation room and went out. At that moment, Brother Gan left a charming smile for Qin Xiaowan, so that Qin Xiaowan stamped his foot and clenched his fist. "Bastard! I will catch you sooner or later! " But dry elder brother didn’t hear natural and unrestrained walked away Chapter 52 Three lesbians meet.
Chapter 52 The scene of three lesbians welcoming Brother Gan out of the Public Security Bureau is really lively. It can be said that three women are fighting for their husbands. At the same time, three women, Ke Mengxuan, Sun Mei and Zhao Lan, are guarding in front of the Public Security Bureau, which really touched Brother Gan, but it seems that the reality is not so harmonious. In addition, Hu Debiao, Ouyang Cheng and Chen Hu are also here, and Ke Yong is also waiting to see his "brother-in-law".
It’s a good thing to come, but it’s still good to let a woman get involved. As soon as Ke Mengxuan saw the dry brother coming out, he immediately greeted him and asked, "Are you … are you okay?" Stamp Zhao Lan next to him with anger! I don’t know how much romantic debt this * * owes! In my heart, I scolded my brother for more than a hundred times. "Hehe, what can I do for a big man!" Brother Gan knew that he was coming to save himself when he saw the military vehicle of Ke Yong, the deputy armed man next to the little demon girl, so he went forward and smiled and said, "Thanks!"
"Hey thank what! Isn’t it still right to save my brother-in-law! " Ke Yong teased and said that he saw Ke Mengxuan’s little face turn red.
"Brother-in-law? !” This is a bolt from the blue to Sun Mei and Zhao Lan’s ears. Although they are not at peace in their hearts, they all don’t show it. Brother-in-law also wonders at this time. What brother-in-law? "
"Ha ha, yes, Xiao Xuan, she said …" Ke Yong walked over and was interrupted by his shy baby sister for a long time before he finished. "Three elder brothers! What are you talking about! " With that, the threat seemed to make a small fist.
What Ke Yong was most afraid of was that his baby sister was threatened by a little witch, so he dared to say it again. So he quickly begged for mercy and said, "Okay, okay … I’ll stop talking about the head office!"
Ke Mengxuan curled his eyes and told Ke Yong, "That’s more like it. Otherwise, see how I tidy up you!" Dry elder brother looked at the two brothers and sisters upside-down dialogue was almost confused, while Sun Mei and Zhao Lan were very clear in their hearts, and they were interested in this smelly man when they met that beautiful landlord earlier today! Otherwise, that little face can be shy and ripe like an apple! Thought of here, Zhao Lan didn’t hate Ke Mengxuan very much in his heart. You bastard will seduce a good girl when you write down all the accounts! Scold my eyes in my heart and stare at my brother. I can’t wait to kill him with my eyes!
Brother Gan didn’t have the heart to think about these messy things. Seeing that Hu Debiao and others were still hanging there, he quickly greeted him and said with a smile, "Oh, Grandpa Biao, I just entered the bureau, so you have to be so exciting!" And then say hello to OuYangCheng and Chen Hu.
Hu Debiao held the hand of dry elder brother and said with a smile, "Xiao Gan, after you, but I am at the helm of the loyalty hall, can I come or are you small and capable? You just joined the gang yesterday, and today you are tossing us for a while!" Ha ha … "
"Ha-ha, I don’t want to either, but I must have a little gift when I join the gang!" Dry elder brother also jokes
"Ha ha, come on, Xiao Gan, you little lot! Go and see those two beauties! People have been worried about you all day! " Hu Debiao smiled and pointed to Sun Mei, Zhao Lan said to dry elder brother.
Brother Gan saw the two of them there and Zhao Lan’s eyes suddenly felt a chill. Did he offend her again? Brother Gan thought it over carefully, but his eyes were as worried as Sun Mei’s. Brother Gan felt as if he had done something wrong at this moment and hurried over to apologize and said, "Manager Sun and Assistant Zhao are embarrassed to make you miss …"
"Ha ha, it’s okay for you to come out safely …" Sun Meiwei said with a smile that he was noble and did not lose Wen Ya.
Sun Meigang finish Zhao Lan pursed mouth jealous way "what we miss! You’d better be your good brother-in-law! " To put it bluntly, dry elder brother paid no attention to him.
Brother Gan smiled awkwardly and then it was almost five o’clock in the audience. He smiled and said, "Let’s all go home. I, Wang Xiaogan, thank you here!"
Ke Mengxuan and Ke Yong came over and the little girl asked, "Are you going home or back to the company now?"
At Sun Mei, Brother Gan said with a smile, "Xiao Gan can’t go to the company now, and it’s almost time for work. You should go home and have a rest. By the way, your car Xiaolan came for a while. You go home. Xiaolan and I will go home by my own car for a while …" Sun Mei said that Zhao Lan was reluctant to pass the key to Brother Gan and hum away!
Brother Gan saw off Sun Mei and Zhao Lanxiao and said to Ke Mengxuan, "It’s all right in the company, but I want to pick up Xiaocui later to see if Huang Shudu hasn’t been to the hospital for a few days, and I don’t know how his injury is and then go home to cook. What do you think?" Brother Gan asked and asked like an obedient little husband, but Ke Yong gave Ke Mengxuan enough face.
"Well, I think it’s ok …" The little girl replied and then walked over to her and looked at Brother Gan and Ke Mengxuan. Ke Yong ordered, "Third brother, you can go back to your barracks and you are very busy, so I won’t bother you!" After that, he pushed him into the military off-road vehicle without giving him a chance to refute it. Ke Yong got into the car and told his sister, "Xiao Xuan, I can tell you that you have a lot of competitors. If you take a fancy to it, you should seize it quickly or it will be late!"
"Oh come on, what’s with what? Let’s go! Rory is like my mother! " Ke Mengxuan said impatiently, but he was thinking about three elder brothers’ words just now and worried about two women as much as himself.
Hu Debiao looked at the military vehicle with a navy license plate hanging behind it and asked Brother Xiao Gan, "Who is Xiao Gan? It’ s a school in my thirties, and the future is immeasurable! "
"Ha ha, don’t ask me about this. I know he is the third brother of that little girl. You’d better ask Director Qin!" Dry elder brother pointed to KeMengXuan novel way
Hu Debiao thought he must find out when he went back. At this moment, Ouyang Cheng Hu Debiao said in his ear, "Brother Biao is living with that girl. Who else do you think?"