The outcome has been divided into Zhang Tao’s indifferent turn and Na Ren’s huge body fell to the ground like this. "The winner is Zhang Tao!" Morrigan was excited.

"wow! What a foreigner! " Suddenly the whole Ica boiled.
The truth that the strong respect the prairie is really reflected incisively and vividly. Instead of taking revenge from their own people, they cheered. "Brother Zhang, I’m really clumsy. I didn’t see that you are a peerless master. Na Ren, that guy is really happy to be easily solved by you. You are the most powerful warrior in Ica."
"Warriors, Warriors, Warriors" Everyone rejoices and everyone worships them.
Look at the man who won the honor in front of him. The eyes of the poisonous cloud are slightly intoxicated. "From today, they are your women. You can dispose of them at will." At this time, the old clan of Icarus came out
Zhang Tao immediately in front of fifteen women! Each one is not extremely beautiful but not ugly. Plus, their hot bodies definitely make men # # # # #
"Uh, this?" Zhang Tao said that the original battle was a poisonous cloud, but now what is the extra battle profit for?
"What should I do?" Zhang Tao’s strange sound
Poison cloud gave Zhang Tao a charming white look. "Do whatever you want. Aren’t they all your women?"
"I don’t want it." Zhang Tao reacted greatly
The poison cloud’s eyes are full of smiles, but the surface has not changed. "Do you want me to kill them?"
"Don’t or don’t" Zhang Tao hurriedly said.
Poison cloud deliberately said with a cold hum, "I knew you cared about these women, so you can accept it." Then poison cloud took Tana’s hand and turned away.
"Hey, don’t go. How can I care about them?" Looking at the poisonous cloud far away, Zhang Tao hurriedly explained, but the poisonous cloud didn’t look back, but his face was smiling.
Zhang Tao sighed to himself, did it win or lose? "Warriors?" The old clan came to Zhang Tao.
"Patriarch adults don’t have to call me a warrior, just call me Zhang Tao," Zhang Tao said.
"Mr. Zhang, I know that foreign countries call warriors that way." The old clan is well informed and naturally knows something.
Zhang Taonai: "I will handle these women, right?"
"Exactly, they are all your women," the old clan said with a smile.
Zhang Tao said, "In that case, separate yourselves and find men you like and warriors you like. I won’t take you with me."
"Mr. Zhang, who are you?" The old clan obviously doesn’t understand that the people around them are also surprised. "Zhang Brothers, don’t refuse. Women are naturally attached to men. It is their blessing that they follow you as warriors."
"Yes, yes, yes" is surrounded by approval. Obviously, they don’t understand Zhang Tao’s approach.
Zhang Taonai smiled. "If men and women in our country want to be together, they must be affectionate. Of course, I can also choose my own feelings for them."? Besides, didn’t the patriarch say that I would handle these women? Then my treatment is to let them separate from each other and find the man they like. "
See Zhang Tao insisted that everyone didn’t say anything. After all, Zhang Tao is not an Ican, but Mo Rigen patted Zhang Tao. "Brother Zhang, don’t regret that we prairie women are definitely the best men."
Zhang Tao wry smile let’s forget it. Mozigen poisoned Yuntana and Torre all returned to the tent. "Right? What do you think of Tana? " Suddenly Mo Rigen asked a question that surprised Zhang Tao.
"Ah?" After hearing Mo Rigen’s words and Zhang Taoyu’s words, why does this Mo Rigen always come up with such things that make people laugh and cry?
Tana blushed when she heard her brother’s words, and she kept playing with her clothes, but she didn’t object at all. Whether Zhang Tao’s appearance or strength made Tanafa refuse.
"Yes, Mr. Zhang, if you are willing to marry Tana, then our Ica will be saved and become an absolutely powerful tribe. Even Bater will not dare to provoke us easily," Torre said aside.
Zhang Tao quickly waved his hand. "Wait, who do you say Bater is?"
"Bater is the first warrior of Nom, one of the five major ethnic groups in our prairie. He is powerful and powerful. Our most powerful Na Ren Gen is not a recruit," said Mo Rigen.
"oh? Na Ren can’t pick up a trick? " Zhang Tao frowns. So this Bater is at least a nine-level martial artist?
"Mr. Zhang, you are also very good. In my opinion, you may not necessarily lose to Bater. If you want to win the first place in the ethnic war, you will not only get Tana, but also get many women and rewards. You can even let King Chaku receive you personally." Mo Rigen said excitedly.
"Tea withered? Forget it. He will kill me when he sees me, "Zhang Tao thought.
"Is Nome a threat to your Ica?" Zhang Tao didn’t ask about any ethnic group, and he didn’t intend to attend it. It’s meaningless to bully people.
Your own strength, let alone a mere ethnic group, even the whole prairie, may not be able to find out who can win your own, right?
"Yes, the prairie used to be a place where the survival of the fittest eliminated us, but Bater, a mere 100 people, wanted us to be their subordinates, and then we were slaves. Of course, the Ika people would not allow it. The only thing we could do was to give our most beautiful girl to their most powerful warrior in exchange for peace for a while." Mo Rigen said that it was extremely painful to hold his fist tightly here.
"Is there nothing he can do?" Zhang Tao asked.
"Unless someone can beat Bater and make Bater’s heart beat us, we can let Ika go," Torre sighed, but it is impossible to beat Bater. Suddenly, Torre and Mo Rigen’s eyes lit up. "Mr. Zhang still has a chance if you are willing to make moves."
"Even if I win him, you will meet more enemies in the future." Meeting is predestined relationship. Zhang Tao still needs their help to go to the snow-capped mountains and wants to help them once and for all.
"Ha-ha, Mr. Zhang doesn’t know that if our Ika people appear to defeat Bater, our people will also be valued, and they will no longer be vassals but United. Just two words change will be extraordinary, and several warriors will come to join us in Ika, which will affect the life change of our Ika people." Mo Rigen was excited.
If the race wants to develop, it will either be born into a strong man who goes against the sky and then become famous in World War I, or it will become strong before it is embezzled by others, or it will rise slowly in the constant war.
"But am I a foreigner after all?" Zhang Tao felt strange.
"Of course, our prairie won’t care whether you are a foreigner or not. If you want to help us, the Ika people mean that we have something wrong with the Ika people." Torre said excitedly that he never thought that casually meeting outsiders in the mountains was so strong.
Zhang Tao nodded. "In that case, I agreed."
"Thank you, Mr. Zhang." Tana’s father Mo Rigen bowed down.