The waves said, "Just help yourself. I have something to do in the afternoon."

Ouyang Yixiao turned to the kitchen and personally told the chef to cook in waves. The waves looked at Ouyang’s back and meditated.
One hand patted the shoulder of the waves, and the waves turned around and saw Li Jie looking at him with a smile.
Li Jie leaned over the waves and smiled gently. "Look, Miss Ouyang is so lost in thought. Be careful that Blue always knows to be jealous with you."
The waves smiled wryly, "Don’t take my heart. I dare not rob a woman with manager Lan even if I am bold one day. That is to say, I think about men in my heart. Can’t I think about them in my heart?"
Li Jie patted the shoulder of the waves and sat across the waves and said, "Don’t blame me for not waking up. You will come back one day."
The waves were startled and said, "So soon? How do you know? "
Sister Li said, "After the National People’s Congress, General Lan, a member of the National People’s Congress CPPCC, will of course come back. Didn’t you watch the news?" The provincial people’s congress day is over. "
The waves said, "I’m busy every day. Who has gone to watch the news!" "
Sister Li laughed. "Are you busy picking up girls?"
The waves laughed. "You didn’t come here to make fun of me today, did you?"
Sister Li said, "I don’t have the leisure to make fun of you. I’m here for lunch. Did you order?"
The waves said, "If you don’t order food, let’s eat together."
Just as the waiter brought the food, the waves asked the waiter to add a pair of tableware and chat with Li Jie while eating.
Although the waves are chatting with Li Jie, they are thinking about other things. Lan Tianxing will come back tomorrow. If the waves want to investigate Anna’s affairs, they really need to pay close attention, otherwise it will be very inconvenient for Lan Tianxing to get things done today.
The waves chat with Li Jie and think about other things. Li Jie certainly thinks about other things. She just looked at the waves and Ouyang’s intimate expression, and a deadly trap was brewing in her mind. She also wanted Lan Tianxing to come back tomorrow. She wanted to carry out her plan tonight to catch the waves and Ouyang all and let them jump into the Yellow River.
Two people have their own ulterior motives, talking happily, relaxed and happy atmosphere, and having a lunch together.
The waves said goodbye to Li Jie after dinner. Go back first and have something to do.
Li Jie smiled and waved to the waves. Goodbye, watching the waves disappear. On the stairs, her eyes turned to greet the guests. Ouyang’s mouth slightly provoked a vicious, cold and unfathomable smile.
After the waves walked out of the Red Chamber, they drove the car to the Hawaiian coffee shop. He wanted to prove from the girl that this girl was sent by Blue Star.
The waves parked the car in the parking lot and walked to the coffee living room. He had long expected that the girl might not have a class. As expected, there was a girl playing music and playing the erhu in the coffee shop, but not last night. The girl was more beautiful and elegant than the one last night. She was dressed in a red cheongsam and that red erhu. She added a bit of classical beauty.
The waves were not disappointed. He found a seat and the waiter came over and asked politely what the waves wanted.
The waves ordered a cup of coffee and pretended to be careless. The girl who was playing music asked the waiter, "I was here last night, too. Why isn’t the girl who played music today?"
The waiter has long recognized that the waves were scolded by people last night. The guest had already broken his belly with laughter, but respectfully answered the question of the waves. "We have two ladies here, one is coming at noon and the other is coming late. This lady plays the Chinese classical music erhu. Her name is Hu Jing. Last night, that one played the western musical instrument Xiaoqin, and that one was Mr. Hu Jing. You said it was Miss Hu Jing. She was going to perform late."
The waves nodded and said, "Can we order programs on demand?"
The waiter said, "which music does Mr. VOD want to order?"
The waves laughed. "Listening to the erhu is of course’ two springs reflecting the moon’!" Took out a hundred dollars and said, "This is for you to give to this miss Hu Jing."
The waiter said, "We have a rule not to accept small guests."
The waves said, "Well, tell that miss Hu Jing that I’ll buy her a cup of coffee after she finishes playing."
The waiter laughed. "I’ll tell Miss Hu what Mr. Hu means. It’s up to her whether she appreciates it or not."
The waiter went to the waves to bring coffee first, just as Hu Jing finished playing a song, the waiter went to Hu Jing’s side and whispered a few words in her ear. Hu Jing looked up at the waves.
The waves know that the waiter told Hu Jing that he wanted music on demand. Seeing Hu Jingwang, he smiled and nodded to Hu Jing.
Hu Jing also nodded in return.
The waiter spoke a few words in Hu Jing’s ear, and Hu Jing looked at the waves again, but this time his eyes were licentious, and there were still a few smiles in his eyes.
The waves knew that the waiter must have told Hu Jing Hu Jingcai what happened to him last night.
The waves smile bitterly in their hearts.
Hu Jing is making fun of the waves and having an affair with women in her heart, which makes people scold, but when she sees that the waves grow well and the wind is good, she thinks that the waves are not a good man. There is no need to be polite to the waves, but it is this kind of psychology that makes her think that the waves have an evil charm when she looks at them.
There is always an evil charm in the eyes of romantic men and girls, especially handsome and stylish romantic men!
Hu Jing had a rest on stage for a while, and then played "Two Springs Reflecting the Moon". The melody was relaxed and slightly sad, and the whole living room was filled with an elegant atmosphere.
When Hu Jing was playing, she walked slowly around the whole living room. When she finished playing, she just walked beside the waves. After a curtain call, Yingying turned around and blinked at the waves, smiled gently and sat across the waves.
The waves didn’t sleep all night last night. Of course, they fell asleep when they came back.
When I slept until twelve o’clock, the waves were awakened by my cell phone. It was a small call.
"Hai Ge, the foreign girl can’t leave. I waited for the man named Chu Xiu and the woman named Anna to come out of the ladder in the big living room of Blue Sky Hotel early this morning. I deliberately collided with them and got their papers. They are now completing the formalities and it will take two days to leave the city. Are you relieved?"
The waves laughed. "You did a good job. Did you really give old A the number of Anna’s exit certificate?"
"I’ve heard from the old A that I won’t hear from the American police until noon at least."
The waves scolded, "the efficiency of American police work will not be so bad, will it?" It will take another day to check someone? "
Smiling, "If you want to check this Anna, it’s not a wanted criminal, and you have to investigate her back, of course it’s going to be a little troublesome."
The waves said, "well, Anna will be in town for two days anyway, so I’m not in a hurry. Just wait for news from America."