This is the tomb of Taoist Xiaofan, who knew a friend when he first entered this world, but the other person was an ordinary human being after all, and he didn’t live long.

Lu Chen’s return caused a sensation in Tu Shan and a worldwide sensation.
Different from the semi-ancient period 500 years ago, the fox demon world is completely modern, and it is even more backward than the original secular world. The information is extremely developed. It took half an hour for Lu Chen and Tu Shan to appear, and the news has spread all over the continent.
The demon kings of all walks of life are far more shocked than human beings because they have a long life and have seen many things with their own eyes. Lu Chen knows what a powerful man that is.
Plus the Internet, although it is not very accurate, people still see it through photos and videos taken by some bold people. It turns out that Tu Shan Yaya, the leader of the enemy demon alliance, is not Lu Chen’s opponent.
Such an enemy man is alive when he returns. Terran history is the climax of epic chapters. How can it not make people curious?
Especially those who have been benefited by Lu Chen, and the demon king has witnessed Lu Chen’s own efforts to guard the creatures in the circle, all of them set out to see Lu Chen.
It’s not an audience, but they are all grateful.
Lu Chen disappeared for 500 years, and no one knows where he went before and when he will disappear again, so many people are eager to see it.
After the Terran Airway Alliance received the news, the contemporary leader was a strong reincarnation. Because of his characteristics, he is still the reincarnation of Yang Jia’s name, Yang Mi.
I heard that Lu Chen came to Tu Shan and was over seventy years old. Yang Mi let go of everything and went straight to Tu Shan.
In addition, the Wangs, Dongfang, Shijia, Zhangjia, Lijia, Jijia, Aoki, Mujia and Dengjia, all of which have inherited the Millennium family, have people leaving, some of them are contemporary heads of families, while others are young people traveling.
After observing the trends of these big families, the world felt deeply that the man named Lu Chen said how influential he was in those years, and he admired both humanity and demonism.
At this time, Tu Shan Liu Chen is facing the delicious food on the dining table. Even in his present state, eating delicious food is still one of his favorite enjoyment.
Although Tu Shan’s food is not a high-end ingredient, he can’t even see the sacred ingredients, but he has eaten some’ hometown flavor’. After all, this was the world where he stayed for the longest time shortly after he set foot on a journey, and it was hundreds of years.
"Yaya elder sister, do you have a bad appetite? How to eat sweetly? "
Lu Chen’s dining table also wondered that he remembered that Yayajie didn’t compare with his appetite when he was a child. When the two transvestites Xin Zhai took credit, they still had a lot of appetite competitions.
Now, when Yaya is eating, it’s called a … Dignity, which makes him feel strange and unfamiliar.
Elegant and beautiful eyes glanced at the cold, and Lu Chen didn’t speak slowly and tasted the food.
Lu Chen sighed and understood, "Is this the idol burden? But at least there won’t be any strange expressions when the demon leader eats."
Yaya’s forehead was exposed, but Sister Hong’s eyes remained calm. It was because she was angry and angry, and it was also very strange, because Lu Chen knew all kinds of terms and technologies in this world, and she didn’t seem to be a person who had been out of touch with the world for hundreds of years.
Lu Chen, of course, is not out of touch, let alone the fox demon world, which is a modern technology and more advanced technology. He is also used to it. After all, the heavens and the earth have seen too much.
"Sunset sister, is she okay?"
Xi Honghong asked about business. Although Lu Chen’s last life had changed his name to Lu Chen, Tu Shan people always liked to call him his former name, that is, sunset.
"Yiyi, when her practice broke through to a critical period, it was difficult to walk around, so I took a trip to Wanjie Road and came back here to have a look."
Lu Chen speaks frankly, even saying that his speech violates the rules and wanders on the edge, but it is really nothing to him, even if he tells the whole story about the origin, he will not warn him.
On the one hand, because the fox demon world was penetrated by him, it has always been the menu of his home world, and on the other hand, because of its origin, it is almost the same now, and I hope I can break through the tenth order and end the out-of-bounds war
All lines of origin are the culmination of the ultimate strength. After all, the origin will not be reversed.
What can I do even if I don’t conform to the origin of the original statute? It can warn itself, but it can’t erase itself, and it can’t send pioneers to hunt down its own’ violator’. That’s too unrealistic, so it simply turns a blind eye to some of its’ disorderly’ behaviors.
Anyway, Lu Chen himself has a score and won’t mess around in the world. Most of the time, he is still very generous and won’t do any violations
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and forty-one Demons come to Korea
"The heavens and the earth?"
Yaya put chopsticks at Lu Chen and laughed. "Have you read too many novels at sunset?"
Her words of line and tone are usually imagined by the visiting customers of Tu Shan Fox Demon, but perhaps this is the truth. So when people meet again, sit at the familiar table and have lunch together, they drift back to that worrying past.
Lu Chen can say for a while that the development of the times has really changed the world. Since the peace, many fox demon worlds have developed rapidly in culture and entertainment, and various online writers have emerged one after another. The adaptation of their own stories has been rewritten ten thousand times by writers.
And those who have a powerful imagination have written various types of fantasy novel Yaya. Obviously, they have not realized the possibility of other universes outside the world.
"Did you go out with Yiyi before sunset?"
I kept asking questions with curiosity.
Lu Chen looked at Yaya’s ridicule and answered my sister’s question seriously. "That’s right. I am not from this world. I have spent hundreds of years here and finally got a positive result. The leader allowed me to go back. I have experienced many adventures since then."
Lu Chen’s straightforward account of his experience surprised the king at the dinner table. Did he say that Brother Lu was so bold?
However, on second thought, he can also shake his head with a smile. But now the origin of the invisible master will kneel down and lick this boss who is very difficult to cultivate. How can it be difficult for Liu Chen
All the restrictions are relative. When you are not strong enough, you will naturally be constrained. But when you are strong enough at the level of Lu Chen, you can’t control it. Brother Lu is a man with a strong sense of mission and will not mess around.
"The outside world … it turns out that there is also a leadership office at sunset, and the leadership has sent you on a business trip. Will you drop by?"
Red is also a little surprised. She is no stranger to the word leadership, and she has not always stayed at home in Tu Shan. They will also develop with the times.
"Sister Hong, didn’t I just say that I came back when I traveled all over the world and no one assigned me? I don’t have a boss now."
Liu Chen said with a smile