When the deity enlightened the Lord to sense an icy mind stirring outside the universe, the great Taiyi’s eyes suddenly shot out a great amount of divine light, which instantly descended into chaos out of bounds.

Whoa, whoa!
The two seem to be evenly matched when they touch each other in an instant.
A stuffy hum, but I saw a vague face shrouded in shadows, and I looked at the three-inch figure of Taiyi Emperor.
"Are you the Lord of this world?"
The voice is hoarse and sluggish, as if it had never been spoken for a long time, and there is a cold rhyme that matches the mind.
Taiyi emperor smiled calmly and calmly, saying, "neither is it nor is it unique to all beings."
"The pavilion harbors evil intentions and still leaves here, and it is good for itself to make a big mistake."
The shadow face lit up with two gray and cold eyes. "It’s the second time I’ve met such a conceited person."
"The new god also dare to make a mistake? !”
In an instant, I saw a huge dark coffin sketched out with a sense of desolation and decay, which seemed to trigger the decline of the avenue and the end of all beings. Even if it came out towards the three-inch villain, it seemed to include and disappear together with the chaos here.
Emperor Taiyi shook his head at the shadowed face with a sigh and said, "Will?"
However, the bottom of the hand is not slow at all, but after seeing the hands change several times in an instant, a statue of chaotic clock emerges, and the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the vegetation and other landscapes emerge, and then it suddenly shakes.
Taiyi chaos clock!
Dang dang dang ~
The melodious bell resounds through chaos, which is more noble and graceful, but its power is overbearing, outrageous and violent.
See chaotic gas churning constantly crushed Yin and Yang, fire, water and wind constantly changing and disillusioned, and the barren coffin is instantly cracked!
Shadow face eyes blink a clot "this is a new god? Even if this world is profound, such strength is too much! "
But this person is also not afraid of the idea of seeing a coffin figure appear behind him, and then there is a huge gap, and then there is a surge of fierce evil spirits, such as a blue scale in the tide, stretching out directly towards chaos clock’s shape
Taiyi Emperor raised his hand with a smile at the corner of his mouth, and then he saw that chaos clock’s light earthquake was suddenly broken. Immediately, a soaring glory emerged, and the three-legged sun fluttered its wings and soared into the pure sun, burning the sun and cooking the sea. Immediately, it became sacred in chaos.
Thick black silk transpiration out of the blue scales, but the giant hand is castrated, and the sun is trapped in its hands like Fang Liuhe.
The sun is really cremated, and the fierce collision of the huge waves easily ignites everything, but the arm is strong for a while, but it is hard to hurt the roots.
However, I saw Taiyi Emperor open his mouth and shouted "Change!"
After the three-legged sun crows, you will see that the real fire is extinguished in an instant, and at the same time, the true meaning of a little freezing will be manifested. In the Taiyin toad beating, generate will be terrified and extinct, and the cold will directly freeze his arm
The contradictory road between ice and fire is sincere, even if the breath in the arm becomes unstable.
Is to use the avatar to manifest the projection, but it will break away after a few minutes.
Shadow face stared at Taiyi Emperor for a moment and then said, "You are very good."
Emperor Taiyi smiled unmoved, "You are not bad."
Then it was the hand that pointed out the amount of chaos and shock wave all over the world, blocked all the retreat of the incarnation of God, and then sent it out in a roar.
Then the residual shock wave absorbed the power of chaos and turned a three-foot, three-inch, three-point chaotic jade sword into the middle.
The stars in the vast universe seem to be strange coffins.
Chaos jade sword is unpredictable and full of meaning, but it is out of place, but it goes deep into the depths of the universe and comes out from the depths of the earth
Click click
Nine strange coffins guarding an ancient bronze coffin strangely feel the arrival of chaotic jade sword. A coffin suddenly lifts off and a corpse figure flies out to meet.
However …
The meaning of life and death reversal emerged from the sword light, and the figure soon transpired in the vast vitality of pure Yang.
"A small punishment and a big commandment are waiting for the pavilion to come!"
Chapter seven hundred Success
"Small punishment big commandment? Hum young tone is not small! "
The bronze coffin in the center of the nine coffins gave a slight vibration to the voice of the Emperor Taiyi who had just met.
But the ghost who was beheaded by the cross-border sword has not been reborn in the coffin, just like a sword full of the power of life and death of the avenue.
Feel the faint mark like firefly in the depths of the swinging coffin, and see the coffin fly out into the stars-like coffin display "stars" and devour it.
"The spirits of the underworld are preparing for war!"
The coffin stars are lit up with all kinds of strange brilliance, and there is an ominous smell. The strength is different, but they are all eager to try, cold and greedy
On the one hand, the vitality of the universe can arouse the original desire of the "creatures" in this world
"The main decree of the funeral!"
Nine coffins are back in place to defend the bronze celestial coffin, and the dark air turns to the bronze celestial coffin, which shows the revival of terrorist qi machine.
"The devouring party will flourish and respect the world, and it will be able to control that thing initially!"
Mi Luo Tian Jing
Emperor Taiyi slowly opened his eyes and looked out of bounds, showing that many shadows were approaching, which was also the purpose of Tao and Law to prepare for the challenge.
Although it is not the right way, it is also the most direct way to ascend the source of the universe, and the creatures in this world can also benefit a lot.
Emperor Taiyi is also happy to see this, but obviously things need to develop according to his ideas.
"For the underworld, we still need to take the essence and discard the dross, otherwise many avenues will be difficult to affect the development of this world."
However, a fierce battle in the nether world has been suppressed by Yinshan Jun, and it is clearly visible that a brand of Yinshan Mountain in the nether world makes it difficult to get out for a while.
But at this time, I saw this ancient scroll-like Lingbao suddenly shake, from which a faint purple gas Yuan Ling flew out of bounds and left.
Yinshan Jun "struggled" to intercept, but after all, he was half a beat slow. Unfortunately, Yuan Ling, a Taoist priest of life and death, flew into the underworld.
"The gods stop!"
No, Yin Shanjun’s nonsense. Seeing that the tide is gone, life and death will naturally be defeated and surrendered.
In the virtual life, the goddess watched the Taoist Yuan Ling fly away and didn’t do much.
After all, she needs a key moment to make a move. Now, although the Taoist priest of life and death seems to have lost, the man in the underworld is the main force. See you then.