"She’s in the back." God made it clear that he patted his palm and opened the back yard door.

"Don’t stay too long"
Zhou Jia hangs his head
Stepping through the back door and passing through a dark passage, there was a sudden bright light in front, followed by some messy noises in turn.
"Move this thing over there!"
"And that one, be careful, be careful, it’s broken. Be careful, God won’t be happy, and you’ll have a good time."
"Hurry up!"
This is a huge courtyard, which is also like a logistics hub.
Huge warehouse houses are juxtaposed, and all kinds of goods on both sides are moved by the crowd and classified into different rooms.
A short, chubby, round-faced woman came into view after drilling a hole.
"Qi Mei!"
Qi Mei’s voice came back with impatience to see the face of the bearer, and he couldn’t help but be ecstatic and a little uneasy.
"It’s you"
"Elder, how did you come here in person?"
She trotted to Zhou Jia and pressed her bass mouth.
"My father told me a joke. I didn’t expect you to come. It’s a great honor to meet you …"
Said repeatedly rub hands.
"not in"
Zhou Jia smiled and waved his hand
"I think your father is an old friend, so don’t be so stranger."
Qi Mei’s father is a big shopkeeper of Wantong Commercial Bank. Qi Yaochun wanted Wantong Commercial Bank to have a connection with Shicheng many years ago.
Two people are familiar with each other.
"different, different"
Qi Mei shook his head repeatedly.
"You’re … that kind of character. We can’t compare with it."
The other party is Hongzeyu’s top master. Even those angels and demigods are not bad at all.
Really so close contact will wait for her if she is not excited
"all right"
"Is everything ready?"
"All right!"