Ziqingyun immediately raised his eyebrows. "I don’t care if I sell iron, I have to buy it for me!"

Lin Yu took out a lot of paper and Dan medicine with a sad face. "Miss Xiaoyao, can you get what you want here?"
Xiaoyao smiled slightly. "But our Chamber of Commerce buys and sells."
Lin Yu dreary exercise sample "good these operator paper plus my body five hundred thousand SPAR I want to buy …"
"I bought it!" Qingyou can’t wait to rush forward and pretend to be a great square. "I am a cash spar!" "
Then Qingyou turned and smiled at feathermoon and said, "feathermoon’s dress and feather suit is very suitable for you!"
Feathermoon is not happy at all because she doesn’t like this young girl who is too enthusiastic about herself. "I don’t want it!"
By feathermoon so refused to green deep and remote face burning bitterly toward Xiaoyao said, "that I don’t want this feather …"
Xiaoyou and Xiaoyao said at the same time, "This guest can’t return what you took. Of course, if you want to resell it to our chamber of commerce, you can sell it back to us at a discounted price."
You are so angry that you stare straight, and you have to lose two hundred thousand SPAR for this return!
Looking at green deep and remote that beaten appearance Lin Yu and purple rhyme two people couldn’t help laughing "ha ha ….."
You know that Lin Yu and Zi Qingyun are blue and gnashing their teeth with anger. "You …"
Purple rhyme glanced contemptuously at Qingyou. "No wonder that girl doesn’t like you. She doesn’t deserve it!"
Qingyou is not as mindless as Zi Qingyun said, because he temporarily lost his mind because of anger and jealousy.
Now is purple rhyme so stimulate his eyes suddenly flashing faint blue light "very good! You give me waiting for this account, sooner or later, I will settle with you. Chapter 17 Skeletons of Ancient Gods.
Qing You struggled with the loss of 200,000 SPAR or wanted to buy that dress and feather clothes. During that time, Lin Yu easily selected six sixth-order self-defense treasures and cut out Lin Yu bag SPAR.
Now if you want to buy something, Lin Yu really has to sell those paper.
Purple rhyme know Lin Yu cash-strapped gave him a look with disdain "ok, let’s go and see the formation chart first".
Xiaoyao led Lin Yu five people to the third floor, which specializes in selling formation maps.
Looking at the dazzling array pictures hanging on the walls everywhere, Lin Yu secretly drools. If all these things are sold, how much spar can you earn!
Of course, Lin Yu is just thinking about it. He is now so poor that he can’t wait for most of the formations here.
"Miss Xiaoyao, is there a map here to defend the city formation?" Lin Yu didn’t want to look at these formations and drool, so he asked directly.
Xiaoyao smiled and said, "How big is the city? I dare not introduce you at random without an approximate area. "
Lin Yu said, "Do you know Yun He City?"
Lin Yu is also asking casually. After all, Yun He City is a small town and far away from Dusk City. This shopping guide may not have heard of this city.
However, when Lin Yu started from Yun He City, Xiaoyao moved slightly and said, "Is it Yun He City Lin Yu?"
Lin Yu heart andao I can’t believe I’m so famous now.
With a little pride, Lin Yu nodded "Yes, it’s me".
Xiaoyao immediately laughed. "It turned out to be Lin Yugong. If you want the formation map of Yun He City, we have a complete array map suitable for Luotian."
Xiaoyao went to the wall and took a scroll from the wall shelf. "Here it is."
Lin Yu saw the price of five hundred thousand spar and turned green on the spot.