I continued to hold back my composure and helped Zhu Yeqing in. After a while, she woke up and quickly made the situation clear to her.

Then find a chance to escape. Besides, it’s not good to be a local tyrant if you can’t do this.
This is the wolf pack. We are lambs. We must not stay too long, just to make trouble for ourselves. Besides, they have to leave being that spaceship.
Just because people here find it doesn’t mean that spaceships can’t find it.
We are the awakened ones in their mouth, that is, our practice is not the first case to be called awakened.
If you are not prepared to communicate with them, put the bamboo leaves away first.
Anyway, I’m confused and I don’t know if I’ve missed a flaw
So I’m not going out. The man said let’s have a rest first and wait for the two Japanese to come back.
But as soon as it was released, it suddenly caught my eye that an oriental girl walked over and said, "What’s your name? You can afford a super gift package."
I didn’t bother to talk nonsense and said, "I have a girlfriend, and my girlfriend and I love each other very much."
Pointed to the bamboo leaf green
Bamboo leaves are still very eloquent.
But the woman covered her mouth, giggled and was beautiful, mainly because she was very violent, fanned with a folding fan and said, "I heard that the super gift package also gave away 100 thousand points, right?" If you are willing to give me one hundred points, I can accompany you. "
And go into the tent
You want to have a hundred points with me?
I’m at a loss.
I saw a stereo saying, "Get away from me and get 100 points. You deserve it. Be honest. Let’s share this difficulty."
It’s that English-English sweet sound
I dragged the woman away directly and looked at it. I didn’t seem to expect that I was a local tyrant. My tone became better and I seemed to believe me completely
Say, "Your female companion has fainted. Let’s rest there first. Come with us and have something to say. We have found another lucky person of the Flying Tigers Association."
"Another flying tiger guild lucky person? !”
I was so stupid that I almost forgot this. If we found it, wouldn’t it be a big gift package or a local tyrant?
It’s over. So many players didn’t run. I almost sat there.
"bang!" "bang!" "bang!" My heart is stupid
Ying Aixiang went out without urging her to finish, shouting, "Gather around, gather around. Now there is a big problem and the ship will not come back for five days. Everyone must unite now. This is not a personal matter, but everyone must finish this. Come here quickly."
Urged there
Those players are not thriving, but they still get together.
I was there, my heart thumping and jumping, and I didn’t know what to do, mainly because I couldn’t run.
But one leng looked at my armor and single knife, feeling that so many people are new people wearing armor and holding knives may get away with it.
And there was no other way, so I bravely ran out with my heart beating. "Bang!" "bang!" It’s almost in my throat and I’ve come to the gathering place
Sasaki Kojiro also shouted, "Hurry up, Flying Tiger Guild. Do you think this is a member of your guild?"
After a nonsense, the sound of "not me, not me, not me" went hysterical from childhood to adulthood.
"Crazy! ?”
It makes me happy again. It feels like God has helped me. It’s so fucking good. My heartbeat has stabilized a lot. It’s so fucking scary to breathe a sigh of relief.
But I still feel weak in my legs and feet. It turned out to be a bloody zombie.
Sasaki Kojiro said to me, "We found out that we were crazy in a battle place, or were we attacked by spirit or spirit?"
I know Mao, and I dare not say I do, so I shook my head. "I’m a newcomer, and he seems to be a newcomer, too. I don’t know him. It seems I haven’t seen him before."
Shook his head, feeling unsure. It’s normal that people are too miscellaneous to remember.
Some Nai in Sasaki Kojiro are not a guild, and he didn’t pay attention to a good wave of his hand to let the crazy player take away. "It should be a possession. We really have a big problem this time."
Rubbing his temples, Nai said, "You two should be the only two lucky people of the Flying Tiger Trade Union, but you don’t seem to have joined the group to destroy that one. I don’t know the situation. I guess there is a large-scale foreign body. This time, the vice-president may have mutated incorrectly, which will lead to the destruction of the Flying Tiger Trade Union."
Calm analysis, analysis, and analysis of those Russians.
He also said, "It’s hard to say about the polar bear guild. Let’s let a few parties talk about it. Let’s analyze it and take your time."
Those former depressed Russians went to the middle school to talk about what meeting they went through.
Chapter 1!
Chapter 26 The third stage
I played hard and ran outside the school playground.
I saw the spaceship suddenly land, and a light appeared, and some people then walked out and watched curiously.
My eyes are full of excitement and curiosity, not aliens, but humans are exactly like us, which makes me even more surprised. I want to shout and ask if they are coming to help.
As a result, the other side has already spoken
"This is the deputy location?"
A young voice said that it was still Mandarin, holding a sword and wearing armor, as if the ancients were right, that is, the ancients repeatedly asked.
At this moment, a campus man came out with a double-edged sword and waved his hand. "Newcomers, newlyweds, don’t touch me. I heard that we still have three minutes to wait for the enemy to pass, and then we officially entered the vice. This is the first real game for you newcomers.
Players must know that this is a game. Although those people are very similar to us, they are np. They are not allowed to have feelings with them. If it happens, they will cancel the game forever, and everyone will always be different. We must try our best to complete it.
Of course, it’s the side now, and everyone is a number measuring station. There will be some loopholes and it is difficult. Please forgive me.
Well, this time there are 55 people and three guild members. Everyone is acting in unison. It’s a bit chaotic. Don’t run around. First, choose your own people. Bring more old people and new people. There will be rewards. Hurry up for three minutes. It’s precious when the enemy is fighting. Everyone is busy. "
As soon as someone from the spaceship is called, he is restless to find his partner.
Dressed strangely, there are cloaks and armor, like people in the future, and there are ancient people riding horses and holding broadswords, just like characters in the game appear here.
And I was close to their conversation, and I heard it clearly. I was dumbfounded directly. "What? Player np deputy? Enemy time? What the fuck is this and what? "
It feels like playing a game.
Anyway, it’s stupid for me