Inflammation home looking ahead face can not help but crazy change.

People in different areas of the swamp sink in twos and threes, and their feet are stuck in the mud. How can they pull themselves out of the swamp by exerting their strength?
If you have a companion to help you pull your companion, you will be dragged in by this heavy force and forced them to let go.
In less than 30 seconds, the trapped people’s whole bodies were completely submerged to the ground without even taking a bubble, and one person was gone.
Then the area returned to its original state as if no one had walked through it!
Inflammation home all cold sweat DC inflammation feng is dark call had a narrow squeak.
If inflammation hadn’t stopped them, someone might have been swallowed up by this swamp mud just now!
"If setting you say what should I do? Why don’t we fly to flying boat? " Yan Feng dared not be arrogant this time, and honestly asked Yan Ruoning for advice.
Inflammation if coagulation looked up at the sky in front of a shadow nai shook his head "it seems unlikely to fly over"
That shadow is just the three families of the demon clan, the Luo family and the Zi family who have disappeared in front. They know that there is something strange in this swamp and fly directly over.
But I ran into trouble ahead, so I flew back to see how others passed, and I just saw those guys being swallowed up by the swamp
Yan Ruoning asked Luo Ronghua, Luo Tao’s father, "Uncle Luo doesn’t know what happened ahead?"
Luo Ronghua sighed. "It will be like this if a dark cloud rushes past in front of me."
Luo Ronghua took out a few pieces of broken iron pieces that were strongly corroded and threw them in front of Yan Ruoning. "This is the last few pieces of our Luo family’s sixth-order mecha."
Sixth-order mecha that’s equivalent to the yuan god realm. The strong man was destroyed by that dark cloud. This shows that the dark cloud is terrible!
Everyone can’t help but be filled with worry. "What should we do if we can’t pass Chapter 18? Knock it hard!
Because thousands of people died, they rushed to the front in desperation and idled. Now they dare not touch one by one, waiting for the families to find a way.
When inflammation if coagulation suddenly exclaimed a "strange! Why didn’t Lin Yu come in? "
When people were in trouble before, it was Lin Yu who first solved the problem. This time, when people were in trouble again, Lin Yu was the first thought.
But Lin Yu isn’t here. Where did he go?
Real feathermoon has been secretly observing the movement of Lin Yu, but the demon troops had gone too fast before, and she didn’t know whether Lin Yu had come in or not.
Now all the people have not found Lin Yu. It seems that he really didn’t come in.
"This small will not be in the death gate?" Someone casually said, immediately by the surrounding * * scold pig.
Lin Yu was the first to come up with a solution to the problem. How could he die by himself?
"Damn it, it must have been the little boy who lied to us at the intersection and we came in and escaped!" Inflammation is not only the cultivation of talent, but also the brain is particularly good.
If Lin Yu heard her analysis like this here, she would definitely give a thumbs-up and call her a confidant.
It’s a pity that Lin Yu is now going in the opposite direction to them and didn’t hear the analysis of Yan Ruoning.
"I can’t believe that all of us have become fools without that little guy!" If Yan is extremely angry, he shouts at the crowd. "If everyone thinks together, we can’t believe that hundreds of thousands of people can’t compete with Lin Yu alone!"
Luo Tao, Zi Yansong, several people don’t want to wait here to unite a Lin Yu to tell him the situation here and see if he has any solutions.
But everyone, look at me. I’ll look at you. There is no Lin Yulian way to stare.
Feather Yang also secretly asked the feather moon and shook his head dimly. "Without him, it is impossible to leave me the connection method."
Everyone thought and thought there, but after thinking for more than an hour, no one could figure out a way out, and even Yan Ruoning was in a hurry.
"Damn it, aren’t we all fools without that guy?" If the inflammation is extremely unwilling, but it is true, she really can’t help it.
To say that she could think of a way to rush into the sky gate before was because she heard Lin Yu’s words to herself, "We live together", otherwise she wouldn’t be able to come up with a way to get in the door so quickly.
Luo Tao hey hey say with smile "phlogistic home younger sister not line? I still look for Lin Yu’s help? "