Physical attack 22

Daoism +1
Defence +2
Moyu +2
Skill level +1 when performing Youlong footwork.
Increase your own defense by 50%
Need a professional fairy
Level 6 is required
Need Daoism 1
Without saying anything, Lin Tianxiao directly wore it on his foot, and at the same time, the attributes of the three-piece suit of Tianzun suit were activated, and the overall defense increased by 50%, which was a very good attribute.
Lin Tianxiao didn’t think that his own Youlong pace actually rewarded a fairy-level equipment and it was a heavenly column.
"Is your pace in Youlong reaching the fairy level?"
Lin Tianxiao quickly looked at his skill bar and sure enough, Youlong’s pace was followed by a fairy level.
Youlong Pace (Fairy Level) After the primary /2 pace is put into use, the avoidance rate is 100%, and the mana cost is 5 points, and it takes 1 minute to cool down.
It’s so powerful. This is Lin Tianxiao’s first feeling when he saw this skill. Maybe others will feel that this skill is particularly special. Although the avoidance has reached 100% after the application, the cooling time is too long. When one minute passes, it is very likely that you will not have a second chance.
Maybe for others, but for Lin Tianxiao, this skill is enough to be called a god-class skill.
Why do you say that is because others can’t keep pace with Youlong, but Lin Tianxie can. For Lin Tianxie, it is enough to be able to save his life at the most critical moment. After all, it is very difficult for a master like Lin Tianxie to meet the danger of life and death.
Calm an excited mood, Lin Tianxie looks for the giant polyhedrosis that robbed him of his free and unfettered fan.
The pole stick in his hand is a fairy-level low-order weapon. To be honest, the attribute is much higher than that of the current free and unfettered fan. But Lin Tianxiao is used to holding a fan in his hand and hitting it from time to time. He has that kind of graceful and romantic image.
However, since Xiaoyao was robbed by a giant polyhedron, it can make this pole stick. Lin Tianxiao laughed at himself. If he became bald and joined the body, this ancient decoration did have the feeling of being a monk in Shaolin Temple. Lin Tianxiao laughed at himself and looked for Xiaoyao Fan Travel.
Chapter 6 Cruel Half-beast Warriors
The feeling of killing Lin Tianxie before the extremely high stick attribute made him go against the odds is no longer there. Lin Tianxie has joined the fight since his carefree fan was taken away by a giant polyhedron.
The evil viper Woma, the founder of Woma, and the white boar died in Lin Tianxiao. There are countless bosses. Of course, these bosses are fake, so Lin Tianxiao has also got a lot of garbage equipment. Lin Tianxiao has put it away and plans to go back and dispose of it.
Just as Lin Tianxiao had just put down a fake Woma hierarch, he suddenly came straight to the other with a huge flying axe. Lin Tianxiao’s face was full of surprise and his body was short, avoiding the flying axe and looking for it.
Warrior Woma with an axe in one hand appeared in front of Lin Tianxiao, who was a little surprised because he had killed here for so long. Although they were all fake, they were not as low-level as the half-beast warrior.
Lin Tianxiao left a mind’s eye and killed a soul with his two little skeletons. A 6+ damage floated from the head of the half-beast warrior. Following Lin Tianxiao, two poisons were used to poison the half-beast warrior.
"ouch!" Half-beast warrior roars, and the axe flies out again and goes straight to Lin Tianxie’s other. Lin Tianxie immediately uses Youlong’s pace to hide in the past, and then rushes to the hand with a tiptoe, and the stick stung the half-beast warrior’s other.
Pa a pole stick stung the face of the half-beast warrior. A blood stain appeared on the facade, but there was no blood injection. I can see that the half-beast warrior is still very fresh.
Ow ~ ~
The half-beast warrior screamed with pain and chopped the axe in his hand.
Lin Tianxiao’s mouth is tilted. This is the effect. The long-distance attack by the half-beast warrior makes Lin Tianxiao feel a little overwhelmed. Now, the short-range attack by the half-beast warrior can predict that everything is under his control, which makes him feel very at ease.
Lin Tianxiao sometimes feels that he has chosen the wrong career. Should he choose a melee career, such as a soldier or a thief?
After thinking a lot about Lin Tianxiao, I still think that there is nothing wrong with my choice, because he chose the profession of fairy, which made him get a lot.
At that moment, Lin Tianxie whizzed out a pair of 6+ blood points that once again took away the half-beast warrior.
Once again, the half-beast warrior howled miserably, and suddenly an axe came in one hand. Lin Tianxiao, a total annihilation figure, was short and hid in the past. At this time, two little skeletons finally killed him, and the axe in his hand was severely split into the half-beast warrior’s body.
Two similar injuries floated from the top of the head of the half-beast warrior, which made the half-beast warrior very angry. In this unknown dark hall, even the leader of Wal-Mart had to give himself three sides, and now he was hurt by these three little things, which was definitely beyond his endurance.
Ow ~ ~
The half-beast warrior suddenly roared, followed by his arms and shook his body. A thick armor actually fell off and made a dull impact. It’s not over yet. The half-beast warrior severely smashed his axe to the ground.
The accident appeared, shocked by the half-beast warrior. On the spot, Lin Tianxiao suddenly felt a vibration of the earth and shook her body uncontrollably.