Sunset Plain is a huge plain where rain falls, the goddess city of Elna. There are no peaks around it to block the sun from morning till night, and the wind is strong here. There are fewer small flying insects, mainly some huge herbivorous monsters, such as rhinoceroses.

The flat land in the sunset plain is very suitable for cavalry to charge. It is foreseeable that this will be a good place for cavalry to fight in the future. Unfortunately, no player has a mount cavalry now, and naturally there is no cavalry.
So the players on both sides-tens of thousands of players-split up and confronted each other. There are many players in the ancient city with momentum, at least 6,000 or 7,000 people with angry faces. There are fewer people here in rainy city, 4 or 5 thousand, but the host rainy city is also constantly replenishing manpower. It seems that someone is responding to the forum. It is really a lively place.
"What about the promise? This man is really stepping on horses! " Mo Li fibrillation Dao
"What else can I do? It’s really idle. They have no choice … "
Then the two men walked out of the bushes with a face of righteousness, awe-inspiring and strong, and walked towards the two armies. The setting sun pulled the back of the two men obliquely and the long hot air blew across Yang Ye’s face to make him feel …
"Is it hot?" Yang Ye suddenly asked.
"A little …" Mo Li quivered and answered.
"I know not to dump your sweat and fly my face …"
Chapter 7 Evil Arrow
In ancient times, when the two armies fought against each other, they paid attention to an imposing manner, whether before the war or during the war. This imposing manner is very important. If you can overwhelm your opponent with imposing manner, the winning rate of this battle must be very high. The way to raise the imposing manner is to drum the sergeant to shout along with the drum, and then the imposing manner can rush away. Of course, it is simple here, but it is roughly the same. When you beat the first drum, the sergeant has the greatest imposing manner. At this time, the fighting capacity is also the strongest. If you beat it again, it is not as good as the saying that the
Although no one beats drums in the game, the momentum is equally important. If the momentum can directly overwhelm the opposite side, the opposite side can directly ring the golden bell and return to the city. What if the momentum overwhelms the right? First, equipment is overwhelming; Second, the number of people is overwhelming; Third, language challenges overwhelm.
Needless to say, the advantages of the first two over the other side are both great. At present, although there are fewer people in rainy city, here, after all, the number of people in the peripheral sites of rainy city is faster than that in ancient cities. Although there are more people, there are no advantages but some disadvantages. If equipped, everyone is almost no better, no worse, no worse than these three games. Isn’t the chat bar just for brushing? Don’t look at the game where the two armies went, so they stopped fighting. In fact, they were cursing each other in the box! Oh, it’s already-
[The grandsons of the ancient city of Yukikaze have seed, so come and see Grandpa not to kill you!
[Regional Dabao Granule Paralysis, Rain, Falling City, Dogs, Come out quickly. Don’t be afraid to call the promise dog to roll out and die!
[regional mirror water month promise god is also you can see? What about killing you? Unhappy? Bite if you are upset. Haha …
[regional emperor penguin day chicken sun told you to be paralyzed. Come out and kill you with one finger! !
[If it’s cold in the region, I’m a small businessman in Elna Goddess City. Do you need a medicine bottle? Third-class mercurochrome 7 silver coins, a small amount of goods, first come, first served!
] Come on, Grandpa Gauze Chicken Penguin is here waiting for you to kill me. Kneel down and beg for immortality. You are my son!
See, that’s how the momentum in the game rises. Although it’s not much, it’s still a bit of an ancient battle. The distance between the two armies must be far enough, because the cavalry needs distance to charge the station. Both armies are smart enough to pull the distance, which is more convenient for the cavalry to accelerate and charge the archer to throw.
But in the game, there is no cavalry to charge. Both sides control the line outside the range of archers, especially heavy archers, which is not too far away, and then they look at each other and curse each other in the chat bar.
In this situation, people on both sides will fight at any time. The ancient city doesn’t want to see more and more players in the rain, but the players in the rain … want to fight them and have a good chance of winning.
And all this lacks a fuse.
Now this fuse has come …
Yang Ye and Mo Li walked out of the bushes with a full face of heroic spirit and no fear. Yang Ye and Mo Li walked directly from the "vertical" to the two armies
"Mo Li" Yang Ye shouted.
"How long do you think we can live?"
"I’ll bet for two minutes."
"I bet you five minutes and you two minutes."
"Damn it, I have that dish?" Never leave.
"There is no hair in this situation …" Yang Ye looked up at the ancient city players not far from the opposite. They had noticed that Yang Ye and Mo Li could see and feel their faces with anger.
As soon as the two men appeared in the ancient city, the players became restless. The murderous eyes scraped Yang Ye and Mo Li for millions of times, and Yang Ye saw that many assassins had sneaked up and gradually fanned around the front of the two.
Compared with the players in the ancient city, the players in the city are restless and rainy, and they have to be more worried about the promise war! Finally, I’m here to show off. Yang Ye is the backbone of these thousands of people at present, but his backbone is not very valuable. If you die, it won’t affect morale. You play with you and I play with me. You are just famous. If you die, you will die. What can you do? After all, Yang Ye can’t be a "belief" in their hearts.
However, the value still has a promise, and the arrival of the war will instantly make the rain fall and the players boil. Boil what? Because of the promise war, the players in the ancient city can’t wait, so they will definitely fight! ! Suddenly, all the players are excited to the extreme and their morale has risen a lot. At least this is good.
Yang Ye and Mo Li walked to the front of the players near the rainy city and turned to face the ancient city. At the same time, the ancient city also walked out of the crowd, and one of them stepped out of the crowd and took two steps forward. In front of all the players in the ancient city, he looked at Yang Ye with awe.
There is no doubt that this is the leader of this revenge war, and the foremost one is the highest leader of this revenge team in Ancient City.
Far away, the man "sent" the words "Promise to fight hello". In an instant, there was no other message in the chat box, and the abuse disappeared. Everyone knew that the leaders of the two armies were going to talk!